How to Make a Quick and Easy Cameo Ring

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video tutorial, see how to make a fun and easy ring using a pre-made stretch ring and a cameo. Great project for the beginning beader or someone who wants to make some fun jewelry to sell at craft fairs.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and I have a super quick and easy project to show you today that I think has a really neat result so this is what I'm going to make. It's an adjustable ring with a cabochon on on top and it's so easy to make. You're going to love it. There's only three ingredients. We have the adjustable ring which is great. There's elastic between the different rungs of the ring and it has a nice big glue on tab We're going to take a little bezel setting and take a fun cabochon E6000 is a glue that we're going to use. It's an industrial glue. It's very strong I'm not going to even bother using an applicator for this because it's so easy to do take some glue put it on the backside of the cabochon flip that over and put it into my bezel setting press it into place now take some glue. Put it on the glue-on tab part of the ring setting put the lid back on our glue and now we're just going to center our bezel onto our ring blank. Flip it over to make sure I have that This is perfectly sized so that the corners just go to the edge of the bezel press so that a little glue squishes out the side. I want that good strong hold now to dry I'm going to let it dry up right If it was to turn it upside down the actual cabochons are raised a bit so it would go off to the side let it dry up right Let it sit overnight and that's gonna be ready to go and there you have a really fun ring that only uses three ingredients and a little bit of glue. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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