How to Use Nunn Design Micro Screw and Nut Sets

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, see how to use Nunn Design's new micro screw and nut sets to create a cold connection in jewelry making. These easy to use components do not require a hammer and bench block like traditional rivets yet give a similar appearance. In this video, I show you how to make an earring using these screws and nuts.
Audio Transcript
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Hi! This Julie with and I want to show you how use these great new screw and nut sets by Nunn Design and I'll show you how to use them in a form of making an earring. I find it a little easier to learn when you're making a project, so this is going to be a earring that we made. You can see I've used a screw here and on the back side and the tools you need is some way if you're items don't already have a whole hole punch in them you need someway of punching a hole I have this two hole punch here it's got to sizes. It has a 2.3 millimeter hole that it punch on one side and has a 1.6 millimeter hole on the other I'm going to use the smaller hole, the 1.6mm you need some kind of cutter to cut the backside of the screw. I have a nice pair of flush cutters right here and then for me I need to know where to punch that hole, I have a pen if you're doing a traditional rivet you would need a bench block and a hammer and that's what's so great about these screws and nuts is you don't need some of those more metal smithing type tools to begin to make this particular project I wanna layer my pretty little flower stamping on top of my pendant blank here and to do so you can see I've got it right where I want it and I'm in now punch a hole in the flower to begin with this happens to be really easy thing to punch a hole in because it's got a little divot right there, place my little flower into the area where I can screw the punch down, because I've got that little divot I can kinda make sure that that's in there and centered before I actually punch and to punch just twist the handle clockwise and it does not take a lot of strength at all and to unscrewed, to release it, go counter-clockwise so now I've got a hole in my flower I'm going to line it up with my other earring that I've already created I want them to be even and that looks about even to me, take my pen hold it in place now to make sure I can see my mark I'm going to swirl it just a little bit that's gonna be covered it can be really hard to see you see it's right there if you want to use a sharpie marker or something like that, you could use a sharpie might be a little easier to see that's going to be perfect take this piece and really you have to just be careful and look at this. It can be a little bit easier to screw down the tip so it's almost ready to touch the blank scoot it on in and probably hard to see on-camera I'm going to grip it I'm not going to punch it grip it enough so you can move it around you can see I'm right on the dot looks good to me and I'm going to punch through just like that, it's very easy to do to connect the two pieces together I'm going to take a screw put it through the flower and also through my blank now screw the nut onto the back screw it down. I'm actually pressing the two pieces together and the screw so I'm trying to hold the actual screw steady as I wind this down make it as tight as possible if you have a pair of pliers you can also grip it with chain nose pliers I'm able to do it pretty tightly with just my fingers you can see that's on there, that's not rotating all you need to do is take your flush cutters lined it up so you're right on top of the nut and just you can hear that went flying across my room, so just make sure that you're pointing away from your eyes or that you're wearing my protection and make sure it's not gonna go in a direction that can hurt anyone or anything and make sure you pick it up after you finish this project. To attach the earring hook, I've got a cute kidney wire here slide it through and let it rest down at the bottom in that little well I have finished my pair of earrings and it's great because they look riveted together They're not glued into place, it's very secure and I haven't have to use a hammer or metal smithing tools or even glue one glue is if you are making a piece of jewelry, you get a lot of wear like a bracelet or a ring I suggest dabbing the nut part with a little bit of glue, you can use a GS Hypo cement, E6000 just some glue that will help to really secure that nut in place if you do you feel like it's going to get a lot of wear. I these earrings here we'll be totally fine without the glue but if you are doing a piece like a bracelet or a ring go ahead and take that extra precaution by just adding a dab of glue. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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