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Hi, this is Julie with and I want to show you how to use memory frames today If you followed some of my videos before you know that I love mixed media. I love artwork and so this is right up my alley and I'm super excited to show it to you. So every frames come in all different sizes and I've opened up one that's 1.5 by 1.5 inch here and you can see there's no glass in when you get them and they have a jump ring already attached the top and they're just a frame. What you're going to do with them is you take some glass which you buy separately it comes like this. I'm going to show you there's a bunch of glass right there. I'm going to take two panes of glass because for every memory frame, if you're going to do kind of the traditional application how to use them, your going to need two panes of glass you can do other things with them as well where you may be just want one piece of glass for the back and then you want to build with polymer clay or you want to to do some type of embroidery like a covered fabric you're going to put in there, you might not want the top piece but if you're sandwiching ink paper or artwork you want the two pieces of glass go ahead and find some pretty images and I've got this here basically a collage book of images that just cut out some that I like that I'm gonna make a little vignette and then I'm going to sandwich it between my two pieces of glass. I'll show you how to do that and then put it into the frame Let's begin. We're going to do one together here so you can get an idea of how it's going to work. So I've already pre cut these out except for the one that's going to be my back piece and I want to not pre cut that because I want it to be pretty exact so I'm going to just go ahead take some white glue, I've got Nunn Design glue right here and I'm just going to use my fingers because it's a little easier and quicker for me if you're handling glass there are sharp corners and there might even be a little bit rough on the edges. So make sure you handle it with care I'm just going to take my glue and carefully smear all over my back piece of glass disk and then take my sheet of paper and put it on top of there and lineup two of the edges. Press that into place and let that dry. While that's drying I'm gonna go ahead and show you how to open up an memory frame you see there's a little tab on the top left corner just going to basically open that tab and pull the frame apart and that's all there is and it's hinged just the way it's been cut and scored and makes it this nice open hinges so that I can open it be careful with it, you don't want to distort it too much you do you want to just be gentle with it and now I'm gonna go back to this I'll probably let it dry a little bit longer if I was not doing this on camera but I do wanna speed up the video so I'm just going to very carefully because it is glass and we don't ever ever want to cut glass so use every safety precaution. Trim my paper and now that back sheet is perfectly fitted and I've pre-cut this. I'm just going to layer them on top I think I'm like it like that. Remember you're gonna have just a little bit at the edge that's covered with the frame so keep that in mind when you're layering your paper if it's something that is really important and you want it to be seen just don't put it right up against the edge like I said before, you can put all different sorts of things sandwiched between these two panes of glass. You can do your child's artwork, you can do your own artwork you can do a pressed flower even some lace or textile, whatever you want to feature in your pendant. Im just going to trim this again if I wasn't doing this on camera I'd probably wait until it was fully dry I do want to speed up the process. Now I'm going to take the top pane of glass put it on top of our images. We are just going to put this into the frame and when you are creating these take into account how much space you have, how wide is that frame, how deep it is I should say because you don't want to put too many layers of paper or two think of a piece a lace where it won't actually fit in the frame. Now then just go back, make sure all of our corners are tucked within the frame and slide it in place I'll show you that one more time, see how that's coming together now we're just gonna fold over the tad and then I've got a popsicle stick here I'm just going to press it down just to make sure it's a nice tight fit and there we go we just filled our memory frame. See how it looks from the back and that's because we use paper that was printed on the back so it looks really nice and there's the front and then you just attach that to a chain any have a ready made necklace. For other free instructional videos make sure to check out on our website under instructional videos. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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