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Go to for all of your beading supply needs! Today we're going to be mixing Ice Resin and using resin molds. We're also going to mixing some dyes as well to color that resin. So first assemble all your materials. You've got your Ice Resin which comes in part A and part B. Also in this kit are handy little measuring cups. It's nice because they actually have measurements right on the inside. You're also provided with some little stir sticks as well. We have wide of selection of molds. We little hearts, we have circles, we have rectangles. There's many more shapes including eggs and triangles, bangle bracelets. All sorts of fun things you can play with. So what I did I cleaned these molds. I went ahead and washed them. I didn't use soap, I went ahead and used some warm water and then I dryad them with a clean cloth. I didn't want to use a paper towel because I don't want any fibers getting into the mold. Because whatever is in the mold when you pour the resin is gonna stay in there. So you want to make sure they're dust free and properly cleaned. I also went ahead and i sprayed them with Mold Release. This is this something we sell here at as well. That's just going to help your resin come out of the mold once it's fully cured. Just a couple squirts in each mold holding the mold release about ten inches away and then I just let it dry. So we'll come back to those in just a moment but first off we're gonna go ahead and mix our resin. It's one part to one part, so I'm going to start. I'm going to do a little bigger batch so I'm using a bigger cup. We sell these cups here as well and they have the measurements on them as well. I'm going to start with my part A which is my actual resin. I think for todays projects I want about a total of three ounces. So I'm going to do an ounce and a half of part A. And just pour it really slow. Now I'm going to add my part B which is my hardener. I'm going to go then right up to my three ounce line. What's nice about Ice Resin is you have a little time to play with it. So you're not having to work quite as quickly as other resins. It's really important that your measurements are exact. Now I'm going to take my stir stick and I'm going to start stirring it together. I'm going to be doing this for two minutes. Now a little tip with the bubbles I'm going to let it sit for about five minutes. And I did forget to mention when we started that before we poured our resin I did let part A which is the actual resin warm up for about forty minutes in a pan of warm tap water. You don't want it to be hot by any means but you definitely want it to be warm. That's going to help to reduce your bubbles as well. This is now set up for about five minutes and so what I want to do is a couple different things today. I want to add some dye to it. Actually a couple different colors to it and I just what to have some clear as well. So I've taken taken several little cups and I'm going to add some of my mixture to these now. They don't have to be so exact on this one because it's already mixed together. I'm going to take two new clean stir sticks and I'm going to add some color. I have casting craft transparent resin dye so this is going to be for my green. It's nice 'cause they have a very small little hole at the top. You're just going to do one drop at a time. So I'm going to put that one drop in. Stir it up. I want it to be a little bit darker so I'm going to put another drop in. Stir that up. Let's try one more drop and then that's gonna be about it. I don't really want to change the property of my resin mixture. Keep stirring that until all striations are gone. Otherwise it's going to have a modeled effect which could be really cool but for what I'm going to do i don't really want that. Now I'm going to try to make some pink. Because in a minute I'm going to have some great little heart shaped molds I want to use. When you're mixing dyes remember a little goes a long ways especially with colors like red. First I want to see what that's going to look like for me. And that is red. So I'm going to add some white to tame that down. Maybe one more little drop of white. Okay. Those are all stirred. I also pulled out some little findings. I have a little charm, I have a little bead, I've got some filigree. I'm going to put those into my molds as soon as I pour them. Here are my various shaped molds. I'm going to do a couple that is just clear. I just wanna very very carefully pour just a little bit in. I'm going to go over here and do the same for some of my rectangles. It's going to spread out for you on it's own. If you do you have a piece where you really want to get into the corners you can always take your stir stick kind of help work it into the corners. Make sure always doing it on a flat surface otherwise your resin is going to dry on an angle which for obvious reasons you do not want. Now remember how your resin pieces are going to pop out of the mold, so what the under side is, it's actually going to be the top. So instead of putting the flower down like this, I'm going to turn it upside down. You can use a pair of tweezers too, that maybe a little bit easier. I'm going to let him drop in there. I liked this ring, so I'm going to go ahead and put it in there. Just use the stick to move it around. I'm going to drop this down in there as well. It kind of ended up falling in there a little bit but I can just move it around with my stick. I'm going to let it go down there. And now I am going to wait for these to dry for approximately twenty four hours before I attempt my next layer on them. It's been twenty-four hours and we've let our resin cure in our resin molds. It's hard to the touch now. You can see added some different filigree pieces, a brass stamping, this here is an image transfer, I actually used stamps on this one. Just a whole lot of different experimentation here. Anything you want to put into the resin and you can. Now I'm going to pour another layer of resin over the top of this hardened layer. I'm using the same ice resin that I used before. I'm just slowly filling my molds. Now if i wanted to do a third layer on any of these, I would not fill the mold to the top. It's been three days and we have our resin which is now fully cured within our molds. So now we need to remove the objects from the molds. We do this just by turning the mold over, taking our fingers, gently pressing at the mold and popping out our pieces. And there you have a finished piece. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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