How To Use Ice Resin

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Designer: Julie Bean
From the measuring, mixing, and pouring of resin to the removing of bubbles, this video tutorial teaches you step by step how to use Ice Resin. Ice Resin is considered to be one of the clearest resins on the market and with this video, you will learn numerous tips and tricks on how to best use Ice Resin and create beautiful jewelry pieces.
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Welcome to Today we're going to be using Ice Resin to fill a collage pendant. I pulled out the basic Ice Resin kit that we sell here at It's the eight-ounce kit. In it you'll get part A which is the resin. You get four ounces of that. Part B which is the hardener. You're gonna get four ounce of that. Detailed instructions, some stir sticks, some nozzles and some measuring cups. And on these measuring cups they actually already has and measured increments to help you measure the resin and the hardener out. It's going to be really important here in a moment that we get exact measurements. Otherwise resin is not gonna set up properly. First off before we begin I want to show you something. One the room that we're working in, I know you can't tell this from where you are, it is actually quite warm. We always want to work in a warm setting when using resin. We don't have the air conditioning on or a fan blowing on our resin. And I also have part A resin sitting in a tub of hot tap water for the last forty minutes and this is important that the resin is warm to the touch. You don't want to start with cold resin. So I'm gonna pull that out of my water. I'm going to take my towel. I'm gonna dry it off I don't want any water drops to get into my mixing containers. You'll also notice I have just some papers down. You wanna make sure that you protect your work surface. I'm going to now take measuring cup, I'm going to look right here where it says one tablespoon because I'm going to measure two tablespoons worth. And I'm going to start with my part A resin. You'll need to be real precise about this in order for the resin to setup properly. Go slowly. It's better to go slow. I think that the one of the main keys when you're doing resin. Slow and Steady. Don't dry to rush it. Don't skip any steps. There's one table spoon of part A. Put that aside. Now and take part B, the hardener and I'm going to measure another tablespoon. Now I'm going to take stir sticks and start mixing it. I'm going to do this for full two minutes. I'm going to get all the striations out. You get the hardener to mix with the resin. Now if I wanted to add some color, some dye, I would do it right after the two minute point. I just mix it gently in but for this particular project I'm going to have it be clear. It's been two minutes and I'm going to come back to my resin. You're going to notice that there's actually quite a few bubbles within the resin. We're gonna counter those in a couple different ways. First off is after I finished my full two minutes of stirring. I'm just gonna let this batch of resin sit for about three or four minutes. During that time some of our bubbles are actually going to rise to the top and pop naturally on their own. And we're going to take care of the remaining here in a moment as well. We're now ready to fill our collages with my resin. So we already have the image in there and it has been sealed. First off we're going to do is we're gonna blow on it a little bit. Just to get any dust out of there. We don't want any dust because if there is dust it will actually be embedded into our resin. A couple different ways you can do this. You can go ahead and you can actually pour your resin into the setting itself or you can take your stick and you can carefully put resin into the setting. I prefer this method if you're working with smaller objects or one with a lot of crevices or deep corners. Just keep taking a little bit on your stick putting it into the setting. What we can do is push the resins into the corners. Continue with your stir stick. It helps to reduce the possibility of overflow which is something we really want to avoid. With Ice Resin you have about thirty to forty minutes to work with this batch of resin that you stirred up. It gives you some time actually play with it and get it just how you want it. It's a good idea to keep your setting on a flat surface. You don't really want to move it once you're filled it. It's too east to spill or accidentally get your finger in it. Always work in a well ventilated room. I'm happy with that so i am going to let that rest for about five minutes. Then I'm going to comeback and try to take care of any of those remaining bubbles. It's been about five minutes and we're gonna go back and revisit our resin piece. As you can see there are little faint bubbles that have risen to the surface of the resin. We want to remove those bubbles and the way we're gonna do that I'm gonna take my Micro Torch. I'm going to turn it on and set it to continuous flame and I'm going to very quickly just go over the surface. That is all it takes. Now what I'm going to do is because occasionally more bubbles will arise and I'm going to check back in about another five ten minutes, see if anymore bubbles have popped up. If they have I'm going to go back into the exact same thing with my torch. Just briefly skim over the surface so that the heat can pop the bubbles and then I'm gonna let it be. In between that time when I first remove the bubbles and when I'm going to be checking back, I actually want to take a lid of some sort. Here I actually just have a tray lid and I'm going to put it over my resin piece. Just prop it up so that the air can get in there and I'm going to let it be like that. Then I'm gonna let it be for twenty four hours for it to dry and three days for it to get to an hard cure. The reason I put a lid over it is because I want to prevent any dust from getting into the surface. And then enjoy. Have fun making many wonderful pieces using Ice Resin. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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