How to Use Epoxy Stickers, Glass Domes, and Resin with Lillypilly Aluminum Stamping Blanks

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video, see how you can easily alter Lillypilly round aluminum stamping blanks using epoxy stickers, glass domes, and resin. The video discusses the differences between the various options and shows you how to do each technique. Great way of expanding your design options using these colorful blanks.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and today I want to show you how to use Lillypilly stamping blanks. I've got some here that are twenty five-millimeter, so an inch I have smaller ones as well so how do you use these in conjunction with the epoxy stickers, glass domes and resin so it's really a great way of altering these components to use in your various jewelry design projects I'm going to start with what the easiest technique is and that is a epoxy sticker so I have one that has already been applied this is what it looks like it's fairly easy to do I have a sheet here of very conveniently one inch epoxy stickers so I'm going to peel it off. I'm going to be really careful to only touch the sides not touch the stick um and pull this directly onto my Lillypilly blank you will notice the Lillypilly blanks are just ever so slightly larger than the glass domes and the epoxy stickers just make sure that the stickers are centered when you put it down You're only going to get one try at this because you don't want to pull up that stick um once you've applied it there we go it's on press it down with our fingers and pressing from both sides all the way around and that sticker is on there very good and here's one that I did a while back You see it's not coming off so they apply really well what's very nice about the stickers is you can actually hole punch right through them if you're familiar with this, this is actually a hole punch that works really well on metal. So we have aluminum here that we need to punch through so you're not going to want to go through this way because it's actually going to mar the sticker. We want to turn our pliers upside down decide where you want to punch and squeeze just release it a little you see a little bit of the sticker stick up you actually have a hole now both the the sticker and the aluminum blank which it's very handy and there's a little bit of extra sticker in there I'm going to take a head pin push that through and there you have the hole so that's the easiest method and that's what that looks like. Now the second method I want to show you is using a glass dome. So with glass domes you'll often have the choice of your height. You can see this one has the lowest profile, medium and highest so depending upon which one you choose is how magnified your images will be this one will probably be pretty dramatic so here's with the lower profile one here is with the medium see how that image just got a lot bigger and here's the high profile I want to show you with one more color just so you can see again so low profile medium profile and high profile so I'm going to go with the low profile one and to apply that I've got my Diamond Glaze I'm just going to put a dab in the middle you don't need a lot I'm flip this over and press it onto place on top of your Lillypilly blank and press it down so that Diamond Glaze runs out all over you're just going to leave that undisturbed while it dries and then it's going to dry. It's going to be like this and you'll see that this is not going anywhere and that is a glass dome on top of the Lillypilly. I'm just not going to touch that one I'm going to let it dry and then a third way you can alter these blanks and create a domed appearance is with resin and I've done that with this one. I actually ahead of time colored the Lillypilly blank with permanent sharpie markers and now we have another video on showing you how to do that and you can use any type of resin for this. For the purpose of the video I'm using UV resin. This is Lisa Pavelka UV Magic-Glos and it cures with a UV light or direct sunlight actually. I have a UV lamp right here I'm going to be using you could do this very easily with two part resin as well and I might actually recommend that just because we need doming it and then we actually have to pick it up and put it into the UV light whereas if you've just got two part resin and you don't have to move it so every time you move it you do risk it spilling over so I've taken a little posted note, I folded it in half and it's going to be my tray I want to put my Lillypilly on top of my post it I've got my resin and I'm dripping it in the middle try not to do too much all at once I have head pin here that I'm using you could use a toothpick as well I'm going to use it to spread the resin to the edges and surface tension is actually what keeps it from spilling over, actually creating an nice little dome shape be patient don't go too quickly with this because you don't want to break that surface tension now actually feel like I can get a little higher dome on this one put another drop in the middle another two I'm happy with that now I have a couple little air bubbles so what I'm going to do is I have a micro torch I'm going to remove my fingers so they don't get in the way here. I'm just going to hit it really quick with the micro torch you saw how quickly that was. You don't want your work surface to burn up so now I'm going to turn on my UV light and I'm just going to go ahead and stick it in there and that looks pretty flat to me. If yours doesn't look flat. If your surface here is a little wobbled but I can actually see that the Lillypilly itself is flat if it's not flat try to make it so or try to very carefully use your fingernail without touching the resin and scoot the Lillypilly around so thats completely leveled otherwise you'll have a dip in your resin I'm going to put this in the light fifteen minutes and it's going to come out and it's going to be solid like this one so there's three different options for you on using the Lillypilly aluminum blanks and using them in conjunction the epoxy sticker which is very quick an easy the glass tiles which is very easy as well and then a little bit more work is the resin but it has a really nice effect and finish to it So let your creativity flow and have fun with these various mixed media components. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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