How to Use StazOn Stamp Cleaner

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Designer: Julie Bean
StazOn Stamp Cleaner clears away excess ink from your rubber stamps, extending the life of the stamp and helping to maintain the clarity of the design. In this video, see how to use the dauber top of the cleaner and clean a recently used stamp.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with from your rubber stamp after you use it so that it doesn't build up and eventually distort the image so i have a really pretty little stamp here of just a branch and some flowers and i've got some ink and a stamping blank i'm gonna stamp a stamping blank and then i'm gonna clean off the stamp so you can see how to do it i'm just gonna put the stamp in the ink and then put it on my blank and do that again okay so you can see we've got a buildup of ink so first off remove as much of that ink as you can just by going ahead and pressing the stamp on a paper towel or a piece of paper so it's already better but you can see we still have a buildup so we take the stamp cleaner undo the cap and you'll see it's got a dollar top we're just going to flip it over and go ahead and dab it over the stamp you can see the liquid is coming out you can see is already taking away that ink go ahead take a damp paper towel and press it over the stamp now I'm just rubbing very lightly and as you can see when it dries the stamp will look like it was brand new again so that's a great way of removing that excess ink and helping to extend the life of your rubber stamps so you can find this product here this where this stays on all-purpose stamp cleaner a variety of colors of stays on ink as well as rubber stamps and of course a lot of jewelry findings as well you

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