How to Use Dangle Stacker Earring Findings for Large HoleBeads

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Designer: Julie Bean
Create stunning and easy to make earrings with these sterling silver dangle stacker European style earring findings. They fit European style large hole beads with an inner diameter of between 4mm and 4.8mm. Swap out your various European Style Large Hole Beads to make earrings which match every outfit. See also: How to Make Earrings Using European Style Large Hole Beads
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie from and today I want to show you how to make stunning pandora style dangle earrings quickly and easily and they'll look elegant and classic in design. So what you're going to need is you're going to need these handy earring findings and what they are is that they're sterling silver dangle stacker. There's a couple different earring hook styles they come in. Here is a wonderful more traditional earring hook and here is a lever back. So what you're going do to make these is you are going to just go ahead if you have a lever back you're just going to open it up. You can see it's actually just resting in the little well right there. Take the chain off. You'll notice at the bottom of the chain is a stopper bead that measures five millimeters in diameter. So that's going to stop your Pandora beads from sliding off. Then taking into consideration the width of the rolo chain your beads need to have an inner diameter hole between four millimeters and four point eight which most Pandora style beads do/ So all you need to do is take a bead slide the chain through it beads as you want. It's gonna be great because you can mix and match your favorite Pandora stlye beads. You can also easily remove them and switch them out for different ocassions. So you see they're on there and they're secure. Then you just need to go ahead loop through that jump ring at the end of your rolo chain which comes already attached slide it down and here is earring. You can tell it took me less than thirty seconds to make and it really is going be just that easy. Now if you have this style of earring hook you could have a little loop at the bottom and all you need to do to open that guy up is open it just like you would open a jump ring. So instead of pulling out you're just going to twist to the side and that will allow you to remove your chain and you'll stack your beads in the same manner and then just add them back to that little loop and close it backup and you'll be all set. So that's all there is in making really easy and elegant Pandora style dangle earrings using these earring findings. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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