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Hi this is Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to make a super quick and easy beaded bracelet using these wire beading bracelets. They have a little screw off ball on one end. All you do is unscrew the ball, tread you beads and screw it back on and make a little bangle. The biggest thing to remember with these is that this is a fifteen gauge wire. It's a little thick so you'll need to use beads that have a 1.5mm hole or larger. If your bead is wider you might need a little bit bigger of a bead to make the curve. I'm using just stardust sparkle beads. These are 8mm and they have a 2mm hole so they fit on there pretty easy. So you want to make sure your beads are going to fit before you make a purchase specifically for this. And it is just as easy as putting them on. When you get close to the end you want to make sure that you leave just a little bit of room close to the threads for the screw so that the hook part can go just to the other side of the ball when you get it put back on. You know don't want to make it too tight. Once your beads are in place you just screw back on that ball end Move them around. They'll keep some movement. It's kinda nice and then you wan to leave enough room so that ball can get to the side there. You just push down. That's how fast it is to make a little beaded bangle bracelet what these. And you get three in a pack and they come in a couple of different finishes. They can be really fun way to use your favorite bead. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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