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Hi, this is Julie with and I want to show you one of my favorite project which is making a Faux Druzy Ring which is what this is here and we're going to make it using a product called crystal splash. I put some just in a tin here so I can keep track of it. I'll spread a few on my mat. Basically they're wonderful crystals without holes in them. There are all the same shape but they're different sizes and some even are matte finished which really lends itself to this project. You're also going to need a bezel ring setting. I've chosen a teardrop right here. You see I've done it in the square I've also done it in a round. And then I want mine to look like amethyst. So I've taken some dark purple crystal clay and I'm going to mix it up and then add it to my ring setting. So on we have a full video showing you exactly how to use crystal clay and mix it up so we're going to fast-forward through this part of the project here but if you want more information do check out that video. I've got my gloves on and I'm just going to go out-of-town here and mix up my crystal clay and then we'll resume the project. My crystal clay is all mixed up and ready to go. I'm going to take off my gloves at this point just so I have a little bit more control over the clay. What I'm going to do now is I'm gonna roll it into a shape which mimics my bezel setting. So if you have a square you would roll it into a square shape. If you've got this teardrop I'm going to roll it into a teardrop shape. It doesn't have to be perfect. It just gonna make my life a little bit easier one when I set the clay down into the bezel. Now that I've got my shape I'm going to just go ahead tap it down into the setting. You know what I can already tell I've got way too much clay here. So I'm going to pull that right back out pinch off a little bit. Now that this is already been mixed so it's not gonna stay soft so if you have another project you're working on you might go ahead and use that. You've got about an hour to an hour and an half after you part a and b before that hardens. It's not going to be usable. Okay I'm much happier with that amount. I am going to go ahead set this down into it I'm just pushing it till it get to the edges. You don't want to go over the edge. So if you're not familiar with a druzy is, it's a coating crystal of on a rock surface. So if you've ever seen a geode and it's been cracked open. It's all rough and dirty on the outside but inside its beautiful, a sparkling crystal. That is a druzy. You'll often see them made into jewelry. So I've got my clay tin here with my crystal splash in it. and my clay is stuck into my bezel because it is sticky. I'm just going to go ahead and press my ring face down into my pile of crystals because I wanted to an assortment. So after I pick up some I don't want to have any sense order to this. I want it to be nice and random. I'm pushing them in. Into that again Pick up a few more I'm actually feeling that clay move a little which is what I want because it's crystal clear you need to make sure that the edge of the crystal is slightly under the surface of the clay. So if these were just barely hanging on to the clay they wouldn't stay actually this is fully harder. So now what I want to use I wanna fill in any gaps that I see. At this point I can actually chose the size I want to use. This is why it is so nice that the crystal splash comes an assortment of sizes. You can just find ones that work. Spread out a little bit more so I can find the right sizes. With this particular project you want that clay to shift you want some of these to slip under the edge even be partially buried otherwise it's just not going to grip in the long run. I'm just going all the way around seeing where there's a gap pushing crystal into it. You want these to be poking out and being in all directions and sideways and upside-down. I want that randomness. Once I'm happy with all my gaps are filled I'm going to go ahead and again pressed down on top of it. The clay is going to shift, that's okay. I want to do that. I want it to grab these crystals. I'm going to make sure that when I'm done it has a nice arch to it. There's not one side which is terribly lopsided although with this particular design that would be totally fine because with an actual druzy it would irregular. So that's totally fine if one-sided is bulging and the other is a little bit concave. There we go and that is that. So there we have a Faux druzy ring made using 2 part epoxy clay and crystal splash. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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