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This is Julie for and today I want to show you how to use a crimp bead cover. And what and what a crimp bead cover looks like is this. You see it's almost like a U shape and inside it's hollow. It's got nice rounded edge and the gap in the middle. They come in a variety of sizes and finishes and you can see some are quite decorative. This one here is ribbed and this one got some texture going to it. The size of the crimp bead cover you're going to need is based upon the size of the crimped bead you are going to be covering. When you go to purchase a crimp bead cover it will usually tell you what size crimp bead it does cover. If you look at a necklace like the one I have here it is basically done. It's all finished. It's intact. It has it's clasp on and I've connected it to the clasp via beading wire which I've used a crimp bead to attach it with. Now I could just leave the necklace like this, it is finished and it's great but if you wanna have a really professional clean look what you'll want to do is take a crimp bead cover and cover up that crimp bead. Now one of the benefits of crimp bead covers you can see I have a nice matching brass one which is going to go well my clasp. I actually used a copper crimp bead for this necklace because I knew I was going to cover it up in that it wasn't going to be seen. So I happen to have a copper crimp bead handy. So I just went ahead and I used it. I didn't worry that I didn't have a matching one. So the way you're going to do this is you take your chain nose pliers and you're going to grab your crimp bead cover between the teeth. I just exerting a little bit of pressure and I'm just going to put that right over my crimp bead and then I'm just going to squeeze the sides together to close that gap and that's all there is to it. Another advantage to a crimp bead cover is if you have a little bit of a gap in your necklace you can fill that gap with the crimp bead cover. Just squeeze the sides together and it's going to look just like another bead or if you have a knot you can go ahead and cover the knot as well with a crimp bead cover. So a very handy finding. Super easy to use and it just gives you that finished polished look. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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