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In this video, I'm gonna show you how to quickly and easily make two different projects from one foot of chain using a pair of earrings hooks and a toggle clasp. Now this chain is a fancy kind of charm chain that we carry in many different finishes and styles. This one is the antique brass finish coin chain and it looks like ancient little coins. Pretty cool. And all I need as far as tools go, either two pairs of pliers or like I have, one pair bent nose pliers. The chain is comprised of connected open jump rings so you can treat this just like opening closing a regular jump ring. That's what makes it so easy. To begin, to make the bracelet I'm going to measure the chain around my wrist with just a little bit of slack. I'm going to find the jump ring that corresponds. In this case, it's very advantageous because between each jump ring that has coins on it is just a plain jumped ring. So I found my plain jump ring and I'm going to open it. I'm going to remove the excess chain and set it aside. Now I'm going to add the round half of my toggle clasp. Close it once more. Now on the opposite end, since the bar part of the toggle clasp needs to fit through the round part of the toggle clasp. You need to remove the first two sets of coins. And I already did that so there's two empty jump rings before the coin starts. That's so this part of the toggle clasp can fit this part of this toggle clasp. Once again I'm just going to open jump ring at the end, add the bar half of the toggle clasp. Close it again. Now that's your bracelet. So what do we do rest of our chain. Well if you like very long earrings you can leave it this length, fold it in half and make two earrings out of it. Or you can take some off and make the earrings a little bit shorter. But I like long earrings. So I'm going to find the center most jump ring so that the two lengths are long in the same length. I'm going to open that jump ring And I can actually just set that aside cause I don't need it right now. Then I'll open the jump ring at the top of one segment of chain. Thread it through the loop at the bottom of my earring hook. Close it once more. There's one earring and just repeat it on the other side. Close it back up. And there you have it. A bracelet and pair of earrings. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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