How to Use Beadsmith's Little Cut Tool

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video see how to use BeadSmith's Little Cut tool which is ideal for cutting Regaliz Corduroy Rubber Cord, rope, and other Regaliz leather cords (not recommended for cork). This handy tool creates a clean flush cut every time. Be careful of the sharp blade and use with caution. For more information on working with Regaliz and other leather alternatives, view our Regaliz Product Guide.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and I want to show you how to use this handy tool this is by BeadSmith. It's called the little cut and it's going to help you when you're making your Regaliz bracelets or other cord type bracelets It's going to create a nice flush cut of the cord. So this is Regaliz Corduroy Rubber Cord. You can see I have an example here of a bracelet that's been made of it and when you're making a bracelet like this you're gonna buy this product here by the inch so maybe you're gonna buy eight inches or nine inches whatever you're working with and then you're gonna need to cut it down to fit into your clasp and make the right size bracelet. So that is where this tool comes in handy and this is by BeadSmith and it comes in the closed position. So this is not spring action which is good. You don't want that and you're gonna open it up by pulling the two handles apart and you'll see there's a nice sharp triangle stainless steel blade and to cut your cord you're going to put it in there move your fingers away, you want them out of the way and what I love about this is you can get really nice precise thin flush cuts just like so. Be careful when you're working with it just like that and it creates these wonderful cuts that are really clean and you can go just a little at a time if you like which is what I wholeheartedly recommend when you are doing a bracelet like this and say you've done all your measurements and you think you need to cut off an inch if you started with eight-inches' you think you maybe need it to be seven inches don't cut it down to seven inches right away, cut it down to seven-and-a-half, then try it on make sure it's the right size and then cut that additional half an inch having a tool like this makes that really easy and simple to do measure twice cut once and then just you know be careful and do it slowly keep the tool in the closed position and you'll be good to go Remember this is BeadSmith's little cut cutting tool and it's great for Regaliz cords. This here is a Regaliz corduroy rubber cord and other ropes pieces of leather, rubber, things like that I would just not recommend it on the Regaliz Flat Cork Cord. It's not quite the right tool for that but a perfect tool for all these other materials. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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