Just Bead It! Quick & Easy Jewelry: Glue-On

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this second installment of Beadaholique's video series Just Bead It! Quick & Easy Jewelry, we explore all the ways you can instantly make jewelry simply by gluing a decorative element such as a cabochon, rhinestone, filigree piece, etc. to a finding such as a bobby pin, ring, bail, or earring. The possibilities truly are endless and you will find that you can finish complete jewelry projects in under 5 minutes.
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Hi. This is Julie and welcome back to Beadaholique.com's video series Just Bead It Quick and Easy jewelry. This is our second installment and in it we are going to explore all the really cool jewelry you can make by just gluing two or more objects together. For all these projects we're gonna be using E6000 which is industrial strength adhesive. This is my favorite glue. It produces a very permanent waterproof bond. When working with E6000 make sure you have a well ventilated room. It does has quite a strong odor. Try not to get it on your fingers as it is difficult to get off. Wipe away any excess glue before dries if it spills over onto your piece at all. This just a couple quick tips for using this glue. It's a great glue. You're going to absolutely love it. In terms of drying time I'd like to let it dry overnight. The manufacture recommends that you wake up to 72 hours for maximum bond to form. Great stuff though we use it for each and every one of these projects. To begin I want to show you an overview of some projects you can make by using glue and by gluing two or more objects together. Here we have layered pieces of metal filigree that we've then accented by just gluing on some flatbacks rhinestones and gluing all that to a metal bobby pin. You can see there's a whole bunch of different styles you can do. I also have a magnet here. This is just a piece of stamped brass. We actually went ahead and accented with guilders paste. That's a extra step but you don't have to do it. This will look lovely just in the brass form. I have a whole host of rings over here. Some of these started as buttons and we removed the shank but other says started as cabochons and we just glued it onto a ring finding. Here we have another one where we've taken a floral cabochon and glued it onto a piece of metal filigree and then glued it onto a ring finding. I have a pair of earrings over here that started as buttons and we just removed that shank, and glued it on a earring back. I just have a couple other earrings here that were very simply done just by gluing a decorative cabochon onto a finding. So here's the finished pieces. Now I want to show you what they looked like to begin with. So here's the breakdown of what a lot of those projects looked like. These are not the exact ingredients. It's an overview on how they start. So let's get started with the base finding which is going to be metal stamping blank, perhaps a bezel, a pin back, an aanraku bail and a bobby pin with a glue on tab. Maybe a ring finding that has a glue on surface. Even you can use domino tiles, bottle caps and scrabble tiles. Anything that you can glue on that has a nice flat surface. So then what you'll need is a focal point which is going to be a cabochon usually. It doesn't have to be used. It's just the easiest way and a cabochon is gonna be a nice decorative object that has a flat glue on back and has no hole in it. So unlike a bead of course it which is going to have a hole through it. These don't have a hole and there's perfect for gluing. That's actually what they're meant for. What you can do is you can glue them on as they are. So if you wanted to just glue this on to a metal stamping you can do that. Or you can actually mount it onto another finding and then glue it on. So you have a bunch of different choices. I want to show you how to make a ring super quickly here so that you can get the idea of how easy it really is. So I just got a scrap piece of wire and I've got some E6000 glue. I'm just going to take a dab. of the glue. Place it on the tip of the wire. Take one of my cabochon and put that glue on the back of it. Spread it out a little bit Then I'm going to put this into a ring finding. Just like that I have an instant ring. So that is all there is to it to making a great piece of jewelry using glue, a finding and a pretty decorative object such as a cabochon. Go to Beadaholique.com for all of your beading supply needs!

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