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Hi. This is Julie with and today I want to show you how to use ball chain. How cut it and attach the clasp. Ball chain is one of my very favorite chains out there. It's a great chain for mixed media projects or for hanging a pendant. It's a very simple chain to use but if you haven't used it before cit can be a little confusing. So this here is what ball chain looks like. You can see how it got its name. It's just a series of balls on a line. There's an equal amount of space between each ball. You can see that the balls actually do move around on those spacer bars but they don't actually move from their fix position. So they look nice and evenly spaced. Let's say I want to make a necklace. I have a eighteen-inch chain. All you need to do is measure your ball chain. Now the spacer bar between the two balls where you measured it, you just take your flush cutters, You actually cut right between the two balls on that spacer bar just like so. That last ball is not going to go anywhere. So now we've got our eighteen inches of ball chain. So I want to show you what the clasp looks like. You can see that each end of the clasp is identical. There's a space in the middle. I can actually put my fingernail in here and then there are two holes, one on each side. I hope you can see that. So to actually attach the clasp all you have to do is you take the ball, put it into that middle area and pull it over to the side. There's this little slit right here that allows to actually drag the ball over and secure it so that you have one ball inside the clasp. You got then the spacer bar going through the hole and then you have another ball on the other side. So now to do the other end of the clasp you just do the same thing. You take the other end of your ball chain, put that ball in there, pull it over to the side and now you have a complete necklace. And that is all there is to using ball chain. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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