How to Use Beadalon Quick Links and Connectors

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Designer: Megan Milliken
Beadalon Quick Links are individual solid open shapes that can be linked together with Quick Links Connectors, or any suitable jump ring. Use individual rings as decorative dangling beads, weave onto satin cord, combine with other sizes and shapes of Quick Links. Beadalon Quick Link connectors are designed to work with all the various shapes of Quick Links. The figure 8 design of these connectors helps keep the links separate, giving more movement and flow to your projects.
Audio Transcript
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Hi. This is Megan with I'm going to show you how to use Beadalon Quick Links and Quick Link connectors. The quick links come in variety of sizes. They come in an variety of metal finishes and different shapes. There's a lot of different options for round basic quick links. There's also hearts, there's diamond cut quick links and the plain quick links, there are flowers and squares and diamonds. The options are pretty extensive. Then there's also these little quick link connectors. They come in a couple of different finishes and several different sizes. What these items allow you to do is link together different things that's why they're called quick links. You can use them to build a chain. You can use them to go with jewelry itself or you can use them to just link things together. They do on the package have a little example of what you can do with them there. I'm just going to show you briefly how you use the little connectors to link them together. So there's a couple of different options when you're linking your quick links. You can link one link to one link. If you're just going to have it go around once I want to use the smaller connector unless you want the bigger one just for aesthetic purposes but the small one is plenty big enough to just link them together. You just going to put one side into the connector and use a pair of chain nose pliers to close that side of the connector and then you're going to put the other side into the other side of the connector and use your pliers to push that down. You can see the possibilities are endless with what you can do with that. You can also connect two links together to kind of stack the links to use that for a design so you want to use a bigger connector. This is the large one if you're going to have it enclosed more than one link. And again you just put them in together and use the pliers. Tighten that down and then you could go in connect that to another link or to a clasp or a jump ring or a finding. Make little design elements very quickly like that. You can also attach quick links within each other. It can be interesting to use the tension of the shape with this connector to see which you can make. So if you use a small one because you're only going to have one link through each half. You could put the smaller ring inside the bigger ring. If you play around with the different sizes and shapes you can find ones that fit exactly or you can find ones where it'll kind of give you an angled look like this 20 millimeter round inside the 25 millimeter round. It doesn't quite go right in the middle but it kind of gives a fun mod look if you have it over to one side. You can right use a larger link to go right over both of those sides and hold that in place. So that's kind of fun. You can play around and come up with all kinds of uses for these and that's how you put them together. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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