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Hi this is Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to make jump rings out of craft wire with these wubber bail making pliers. And sometimes you can't quite find the right jump ring that you want. You can't find that material or the right gauge. So you can take craft wire and make your own. Lots of ways to do this with different tools that are made specifically for that but I found that these bail making pliers are really handy because it just comes with two different diameter cylinders on the end of the little pliers. It's really simple to do. Just cut a length of wire and then choose which size you have. These are three millimeters and a five millimeters. I want to go ahead and make the five millimeters size jump rings. What you do is put the end of the wire between the ends of the pliers and hold that firmly. Bend it all the way around and then move it back towards you and bend it out. As you go around and meet up and make a little spiral. Hold it tight as you bend it and let go and reorient it. And just keep going. You're gonna make a little coil of wire and how long you make the coils depends on how many jump rings you wanna get out of this. So if you just need a few then just wrapped it around a few times so you can see that you have more loops then you need jump rings. Then you take a pair of flush cutters and clip the excess off. and to make this coil into jump rings. You're just gonna cut one layer at a time right next to the end on the next coil up. So where the little end is right there where it sticks out you just put your flush cutters right up against that and you cut through the next coil. And that's an open jump ring. You can just keep going right through the coil and you can make as many as you need for your project like that. You can see that they're perfectly uniform. They're all the same size. They're nice and round. It's a little easier than just trying to use round nose pliers. It'll be much easier to get the same size on all of them. And that is how you make jump rings with Wubbers Bail Making Jewelry Pliers. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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