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Hi this is Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to use Add A Bead Bar pendants and Add A Bead Connector Links. The bar pendants are just a little metal bar with a hole on one end and a ball on the other. I have the three quarter inch rhodium plated bar pendant and the connector links just have holes on both ends. I also have the three quarter inch rhodium plated connector links. So these links and pendants make it really easy to add a bead onto a piece of jewelry. You need to use a bead with a large hole. These particular links come in different sizes and finishes but these ones that I have here are about two millimeter thick. I have selected some Beadelle round Pave beads. I've got the large hole variety and they have about a two and a half millimeter hole. You want to make sure that the hole is large enough to insert that connector or the pendants in but you also want to make sure that the hole is small enough that it's not going to slip right pass the ball on the pendant or right over the jump rings on the connectors. So this pendant and this connector are three quarters of an inch which is about nineteen millimeters end to end. So you can play around with the different beads to see which size holes will work best and also you want to find the ones that are going to at work best as far as the diameter of the bead and length of your connector. I'm using a fourteen millimeter bead on the nineteen millimeter. So to make a pendant with this all you do is slide the bar pendant onto the bead and then you'll just attach a jump ring right through the little hole at the top and that's ready to hang on a chain. It's that simple and you can just make a really simple quick necklace. It's really elegant and looks nice. It's a really good way to feature a focal bead that you might have that you want to use. That's how you use a bar pendant. With the connector links the beads will slide right off the ends but when you connect the links to each other the jump rings will stop the beads from sliding. So just place a jump ring on one end of the connector link. Slide your bead on and then you just put another jump ring on the other end. You could attach that to just about anything. It's just a connector with a bead on it. You could even connect several of them in a row and just make a linked piece. Really pretty to make like a bracelet with a whole strand of those for example. They kind of move around a little bit. It's kind of nice because some movement makes it a little bit more interesting. As you can see it's a super simple way. Really quick and easy to use some of those larger hole beads that you maybe haven't been able to think of a way to use yet. That's how you use Add A Bead Bar Pendants and Add A Bead Connecting Links. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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