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Hi this is Megan with today I'm going to show you how to use the Beadalon flat memory wire findings the prong cup settings for the flat memory wire This is what I used to make this bracelet and I just did the entire bracelet with the little flat memory wire prong settings this is using the Crystal Lilac Shadow SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Chatons You can see it's really pretty and it's a really great easy way to make a quick bracelet. It has a lot of impact You don't have to fill up the entire wire with them. You can mix match and do whatever you want. I just like the way it looks, all of them on like that. So this is another pack of the settings. You can use any kind of stone that will fit in that you want to I'm using Swarovski Chatons and it is important to know that the 1088 style works with these. The 1028 does not. So the older style is a little bit deeper and it's too deep for the memory wire to fit through. You wanna make you're using the 1088s yes wanna make sure that your using the flat memory wire not the regular round memory wire, the flat memory wire flatness is what makes sure that these all stay on the outside and don't roll around the Chatons that fits in here is ss29 otherwise you want about a 6 millimeter piece to fit into these. So the first thing that you wanna do is put the stones in the settings you wanna just let it drop into place I use the side of a pair of chain nose pliers Hold it in. I just push it down and then I go diagonally to the next corner, push, do the other corners. Once I have it in place then I go in and make sure that it's all the way down on all four sides that's how easy it is to set them I'm just gonna do a couple you do wanna make sure that you keep your piece nice and even in there if gets moved out of place. You wanna stop and put it back or else it won't sit nicely go ahead and do as many as you want of course you want to decide how many times around you want it to go. This one here is just two loops, two times all the way around. You can do a single time you can fill up the whole thing. So decide how much around you want. Be sure that you use memory wire cutters when you cut your loops. I'm just showing you right now the basics of how you put them on there I'm not gonna go into that right now Once you got all your stones set It takes a little bit of wiggling sometimes otherwise they slip right on, it's just a matter of finding the hole at the other end and like I said the older style of chaton is a little bit too deep, the point on the back goes too far down and it actually keeps the memory wire from fitting through. Be sure you're using the 1088 if you're using a chaton as you can see you can just put 'em throughout, you can put other items on your memory wire or you can do a solid stack of them like I did here and they're a really fun new way to use Memory Wire. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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