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Hi this is Megan with I'm going to show you how to use the Beadalon flat memory wire glue on pad findings to add really fun glue on embellishments to a memory wire bracelet here's one that I made using all other little lucite Mum Cabochons. So you can use anything that will fit on these pads that has a flat back that will take glue. So they're about eight millimetres in diameter. So you wanna make sure that you're using embellishments that are gonna cover that up so I just have a few here. I have a tiny little cameo, a pretty large flat back rhinestone and I have one of the little lucite flowers. It's really just as simple as gluing them on Grab onto the loop that's what goes over the memory wire. Try to avoid the loop when you're putting glue on your finding so that you don't close it up so you can still slide it on go ahead and just press it into place and let it dry If you have something like this that has a definite right side up you want to decide if you want it to sit across the wire or with the wire. I'll go across the wire. Then you need to make sure that you place you're finding the right way so that the wire go through the loop. Once all your pieces are dry it is very very simple If you've worked with memory wire before then you'll be familiar with the different ways you can finish the ends my preferred way to finish the ends is simply to roll with round nose pliers to create a loop that doesn't really, it's pretty low profile. It doesn't take away from the design. So once you have your loop. I want to make sure with the flat memory wire especially that it's straight so that there's no sharp ends poking out and all you do is slide your pieces on so you can put these in just here as an accent or you can do an entire bracelet with them like I did here. Really really a lot of possibilities here. You can see since the memory wire is flat that they stay put, they don't twist around. They just kinda move a little bit back and forth but they're gonna stay to the outside and stay put So it's a really cool little finding. It really opens up a lot of possibilities. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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