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Hi this Megan with and I'm going to show you how to add a cord end cap to finish your viking knit so the first thing you'll need to do is measure the diameter of your finished viking knit after you've done it through the draw plate and are satisfied with the width and choose an cord end cap the kind that has no loop. It's just going to have a hole at the end so you can find a bead cap or a cord end cap with a hole instead of a loop fine one that's going to accommodate the diameter of your finished viking knit you're going to take a piece of wire. I have a twenty-four gauge wire viking knit. I'm going to use a twenty gauge piece of wire you could probably get away with twenty-two, twenty somewhere in there you want it to be kind of sturdy. So I'm going to take about a six inch piece of wire, you probably don't need that much I always like to be better safe than sorry with wire just insert the tip through the last few loops of your viking knit about an inch from the end, bend it up and all we're gonna do at this part here is secure it this can be kind of a pain and it can get kind of sloppy, just try to cross them over hold that top of the loop still and bring the short end of the wire around and trim it off it just needs to hold in place, it doesn't need to be pretty and try not to make it be tall because that's going to keep the cord end from covering the end of your viking knit so now take the cord end and slide it onto the longer piece of wire and right down over the top and pull it down so that it's really all the way down against that loop that you just made. It should cover the sides of your viking knit and now we're going to make a wrap wire loop at the top. I'm using wire looping pliers. You can also use chain nose and round nose pliers We have a video on how to make wrapped wire loops so if if you don't know how it's probably best to watch that one to get the hang of it go just a bit from the cord end rotate and then go ahead and wrap the end of the wire around trim the end and then tuck the tail end down into the loop straighten that up and that's going to you give you a really nice clean finish cover the funky ends of the viking knit and let you attach a clasp. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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