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Hi, this is Julie novena Halik and I have a fun ring project to show you how to make today so not too many ingredients here we have some e6000 glue we have a really pretty Nunn design bezel ring finding as a square and we have these great lead-free pewter alphabet' beads so we are going to make an alphabet ring so this is really kind of right on for my life right now I'm teaching my son his ABCs so everything in my house and everything I talk about it our ABCs and words and talking so this is great so this is super easy to make you're going to take your e6000 glue you're gonna put some down on a little scrap piece of paper and then you're gonna use an applicator or a scrap piece of wire maybe a toothpick whatever you have to spread that glue into the base of the bezel and in this case we don't want a ton of glue but we do want to make sure it covers the entire base so we're going to take some time and really spread that out so it's important because we are going to fill this bezel with nine alphabet beads now I'm doing an alphabet ring so I am doing abcdefg H I but you can spell out whatever you want using the different letters that are available so of course the whole alphabet is available so you can choose whatever you want to have a say so now you want to make sure your ring is facing you how you're going to wear it so make sure the shank is oriented properly you wouldn't want to fill it like this you want to fill it like that and we are just going to take the beads and pop them in to the ring so a B C and it does get to be a little bit of a tight fit in here I will tell you that so you're just gonna push it in and then D eat ge each and the eye is the hard ones with it ix a letter is a bit of a challenge to get in here so you're going to push it in as much as you can okay then what you want to do so you're gonna take a piece of plastic maybe one of the bags that the beads come in turn your ring upside down and push and you're just gonna push all those beads into place it's also gonna push them into the glue and there we go we have our alphabet ring so you do see the holes along the sides and the beads but I actually think in this instance it looks like a decorative element it looks very structural I quite like it so again if you want to share all those beads are in place flip that ring upside down press and then just let it dry in an upright position you can find all the supplies for this project at or at beadaholique.com you

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