How to Make an Earring using Austrian Crystal Fancy Stone Pendant Settings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video you will learn how to quickly and easily make a dramatic earring featuring a vibrant emerald green Austrian crystal oval fancy stone, a Austrian crystal fancy stone pendant setting, gold plated sequin connector link chain, and an earring hook. This project comes together very quickly and easily and the result is a stunning earring that can easily be worn both day and night.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and pandan setting so that's a mouthful what is it it is this little focal piece here which allows us to sew neatly and elegantly hold and really make a focal piece out of this fancy stone which is an oval-shaped fancy stone we're also using this really pretty sequin connector link chain which is a great really statement chain as well and just flashes and catches the light so first off you're gonna choose your stone setting on your stone and you see it come in a variety of shapes we've got a Rivoli we have an oval we have a pair and there's more shapes than this and what all of them are gonna have in common is they're going to be perfectly sized you see all those nice facet cuts in the back there to get to cut that crystal and they have a nice convenient loop at the top so if you're making earrings or a pendant a necklace really nice and easy to work with and we're just going to be gluing them in with e6000 glue and then you're gonna pick your stone so here I am using the oval shape one and this is a 14 by 10 millimeter oval shaped setting and we're going to use an emerald stone and that's just going to fit in there nicely once we put the glue in there and also comes in other colors there's a majestic blue a scarlet and a whole bunch of other colors so you're gonna need your stones your settings you're also going to need a jump ring and this is a four millimeter jump ring an earring hook this is a long elegant earring hook and then this chain you buy this by the foot and we're going to be cutting it into a couple different segments here so you see how that is just a really fun sequin design and we're going to want eight links of it so we're going to use our cutters so in terms of the tools you're going to need you're gonna need a pair of cutters and two pairs of chain nose pliers and that's it for tools so we want eight links and you can make this as long as short as you want but for the one we're showing here in the video it's gonna be eight links long one two three four five six seven eight so between link eight and nine there's this little jump ring and we're just going to snip it making sure that we don't cut those sequins at all there we go now I'm going to construct the whole earring first and then glue in my settings so it can then take its time to dry you could do that first you could glue in your stone to your setting but I would just walk away for at least an hour to let it dry before finishing your earring either way it works so I have a pair of baby wubbers chain nose pliers I like how these fit in my hand and I'm gonna grab a jump ring and I'm gonna grab a second pair of pliers and I'm just going to open up that jump ring by twisting it and connect it to the loop at the top of the setting as well as that now open hole on the sequin chain there's no right or wrong side to the sequin chain so you don't have to worry about that when placing this and because of the orientation of the hole and the orientation of the loop on the earring hook we do not need another jump ring here we're just going to open that loop at the base of the earring slip on the sequin chain again and close it up and the only thing with this one is you want to make sure that when you're wearing it is facing forward that your setting is facing forward so once we've established that we're ready to glue in our stone and we're gonna be using 86-thousand glue like I mentioned this is a really great strong glue so you're just going to need a toothpick or a piece of wire as an applicator and some type of scrap paper to put it on as well so this is a brand new bottle it will come sealed but if you look at the cap there's a little pointy spike in there you're just gonna turn it upside down puncture it and break that seal and then we're just gonna put a little bit down and twist our cap back on and you don't need a lot here this is sized very conveniently so we're just gonna put it right in the base and smear it on the sides a little bit but we don't want it to overflow take our stone pop it in there press it into place and let it dry and you are done you can then wear these earrings I would you know what I'd let dry 24 hours so I would let dry an hour before you pick it up to work with it if you want to complete your earring after you blew it in but before you actually wear it I would wait 24 hours it's just a good rule of thumb for you 6000 glue so that is how you make a quick and easy pair of earrings using a Swarovski crystal fancy stone pendant and some of this really fun lovely sequined connector link chain if you liked this video please do check out all our other ones at as well as on You Tube you

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