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Hi, this is Kat with and of beads or a single line of beads going into that little well there at the very tip of the end and the reason that you can't use this with peyote is the way that the beads are structured in their weaving so if you just look here you can see that they kind of look like a little zipper like little teeth and of course they're not sitting all in one row so they're hard to use in a slide clasp but I'm gonna show you how we can morph this into fitting into that slide clasp alright so here i've been working on some odd count peyote and what i'm gonna do is i'm going to finish off one more row here just to kind of quickly show you how to do that last little turn around because each end of your peyote is gonna be a little bit different so right now you can see that I have my up beads which I'll consider these ones here and the down beads and if you look on this side I have that up bead on that last row so what I want to do is I want to make these both match so simply I'm just gonna be picking up my 11 o miyuki delicas and just weaving this last row cuz now you can see that it's got a nice little upper row so this would just sort of be the last row of your pattern now I obviously am using just some very plain beads here to demonstrate but you can finish off your pattern however you like and this is just really really easy and I'm like I said I'm using eleven o miyuki delicas I have some four pound fireline here on my size twelve beading needle and I've chosen to do odd count peyote this will work with even count it just is a little bit more even when you use the odd count and I'll show you kind of what I mean by that alright so we're just going to finish off our last little row here and the clasp I'm going to be using today is pulled it right out of my hand is the elegant elements clasp and there's a lot of different sizes there and is the twenty nine millimeter size and I just want to let you know that this odd count that I'm doing here is twenty three columns wide or rows depending on how you like to sort of see it so I'm just finishing off doing my little turn around in odd count peyote we do have a video showing you how to do this but I just wanted to do it really quick here because as you know when you leave you're going to be coming out this top one here so it is different from where you start because you see that you'll be coming out the top there but on your starting side you're coming out the other way even though your beads are the same so there will be a little different turn around when we get back to that front side but we're just going to focus on assuming that you've gotten all the way to the end of your peyote bead weaving and you're coming out that front side so what we're gonna do is we're gonna take and I'm firm I demonstrate in here I'm going to use some of our little pink beads so you're gonna pick up one seed bead there and what you're gonna do is you're gonna create a little loop and you're just gonna go back through that bead that you're coming out of there and what we're gonna do is we're gonna allow that to just kind of sit on top so we're just creating a little little sort of extra row there and then we're gonna go down through the next bead of the next row there and pull our needle all the way through and then you're gonna go through the next up bead that's right there and you're just gonna kind of repeat because you can see that we have that same same thing happening again so go ahead and pick up one of your colored beads they're the little pink ones and we're gonna go through and we're gonna create another little loop and this is how we're gonna create that extra little loom like pattern there so again just down through the next one and up through the up bead let me show you one more time and then you just do this all the way across until you've reached the other side so again just going back through that last little B that you're already coming out of and honestly you don't need to pull too and don't worry if these wiggle around I'm gonna show you how to connect them in just a minute all right so keep going in the same fashion until we get all the way to the other side all right so I'm coming to the last last couple here the last one actually in this row so you can see that we've kind of created this almost little binding on our edge there now like I said I'm using the pink beads that you can see the difference here but go ahead and continue to use whatever color you have been using to create your little beads all right so because we don't need to worry about this being too tight but we do notice that they kind of flip-flop around back and forth so all we're gonna do is where you have come out our little blue bead here at the top so I'm just gonna take my needle and just kind of run it through all of those little beads they're just connecting them with one single strand just so that they all line up and play nicely together all right so now before we go ahead and slide it onto our clasp but you can go ahead and just tie off our thread here and I'm just gonna go down through a couple little beads and again you don't want to pull too tight we don't want anything to kind of get squished but go ahead and let's see I'm gonna go through this bead here making sure that your thread doesn't catch there all right and to tie it off I'm just getting my needle down and underneath one of those little thread bridges there and I'm just gonna create a little loop and just tie a little knot there and then that's ready to be just put into the edge so you can use your little thread zap or thread snips to just kind of come in there and just zap off that thread all right okay so this is what you'll have for your first side when you've completed that all right so before we add our class what I want to do is I want to show you how to flip your thread around on the beginning side so let me just go ahead and I'm just gonna take my work and I'm just gonna flip it over because I'm right-handed so I always like to you know generally work on the same side so assume this is the side that you started to come out with now you need your thread to come out that top bead there so what we're gonna do is we're just gonna do a nice little turnaround here and we're gonna go down through that little bead right there and we're gonna go through the one that's just adjacent now if you just as long as you follow the thread path you'll be good some of these beads do get tight in here because we've been doing the turnaround on this side so just don't even worry about it all right and through the next one there and now what we're gonna do is we're gonna go down through the one that's on the other side through one more oops down through that one right there so that I'm coming out the second bead there so now I can come back through and that first bead is gonna be nice and anchored so then it's just through there so you just kind of do a little loop if you need to kind of turn around or you get sort of lost in those little bricks there just make sure that you kind of find your way to come out that second bead there and then come through that first bead and then you would just repeat the same process that we did on the other side all right so let's flip our work back over and again so this is what we're ready to add into the well of our clasp alright so if you have everything ready the only other thing I recommend that you might want to try doing depending on your beads is you can use a little dab of e6000 and you can actually just put it on to a toothpick and kind of stick it into the well there and get that all up in there and it will sort of create a nice little firm attachment for you because we're betting the weight of our bracelet on these little beads here so we can give them a little extra help all right so I can I'm just gonna take this in my right hand sorry about all the flipping around what we're gonna do is we're just gonna take this and slide it into and go very slowly and you might need to just kind of wiggle it around a bit and just go ahead and get those beads in there and it should slide up into the little clasp very easily there we go all right and you can just see that all those little pink beads just disappear right into that well there and you can kind of see it right on the edge there that we have all of our pink beads inside the little well and you can see that there's plenty of room in there so if you did want to add that glue you can do that and then all of our beads are on the outside but you can see what a nice finish that is we do have a couple of those little sort of air pockets right there but overall the illusion is really really nice and then all you need to do is just take a pair of chain nose pliers and you're just gonna bend the edges down to cover that hole and then I'm just gonna take the edge there there we go just to cover that up so you can see how it creates a nice little smooth finish there at the end and you do that at the top as well and then you can just move on to the other side and just repeat so that is how easy it is to add a slide clasp and what I was saying about the odd count versus even count is you'll just see that on those edges there it has a nice match up to the end when you do odd count if you did want to do this with even count you would just have a little sort of open little pocket on one side so if you do even count I definitely recommend the glue that way it won't kind of shift around in that slide clasp alright I hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorials by heading over to

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