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Hi, this is Kat with and this is a really unique class because the rings are sort of facing sideways as opposed to up and down here so we're gonna be using this clasp but I want to attach it to my right angle weave so instead of kind of smooshing it in there and really trying to just like wiggle it down for a little bit of a tighter fit there what we're gonna do is I'm gonna show you how to sort of taper it and it works really nicely with this striped pattern so you get a really nice sort of finished Chevron kind of look there because it comes right down to that point so it's actually really easy so no matter where you finished your right angle weave you just need to get it so that it's coming out of the center of the top one there or I'm sorry the top of the center one so what I've done here is I've done three little units so that's how wide my pieces you might need to adjust yours but I'm just gonna do it for just adding one little bead there so what I want to do is I'm actually gonna follow my pattern so if I was adding another unit I would add a black bead first so I'm gonna string that all the way down and then the next bead that I would add would also be a black bead but before I add that I'm gonna go through that first loop there of my tube clasp slide that down and we're gonna kind of see that it'll start to come together there now I'm gonna pick up my next black bead and what I want to do is I want to slide it down all the way so that it sits right inside of my little clasp there and then I'm gonna sneak my needle through that second loop there and kind of pull that down together so kind of turn around and show you or working with so we added one black bead went through the loop added the other black bead went through the loop and now we're going to add on one of our little pinky purple beads here and we're going to that down and now we're gonna kind of continue our little loop so I'm gonna pick it up for a second so I can go through the bead that we were coming out of that purple bead right there and I'm gonna pull that together and now we've attached our clasp so now what I want to do is I'm gonna go around and I'm gonna reinforce it at least once more so go through that top bead there down through the first hole the bead and the second hole of the clasp pull that tight and I'm gonna come over through my pink bead now what I'm gonna do now is to reinforce it even further is I have a little gap right here where my needle is where there's no thread so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna kind of go down through this first black bead here so that I can create a nice little bridge there so that it gives it a little bit more stability so now all I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna take my needle and I'm just gonna kind of go around through some of these little units here and just keep following the path of your right angle weave not making any extra thread bridges and so now what I want to do is I'm working it up through the first bead that we started with there I'm going to go around the top so now we're playing with this unit here and what I'm doing is I'm just working that needle over to the side where I can then kind of repeat what I just did on the top here alright so now you can see that I'm coming down through that second black bead and I'm missing that thread bridge right there so now I'm gonna turn and I'm gonna go into the first black bead that I added when I was adding my little clasp and now we'll get the chance to kind of go through one more time just to reinforce that and over and then take it all the way up there oops just through that pink bead don't want to create any unnecessary thread bridges alright so that is how you can complete one side and now I'm just gonna go behind one of these little thread bridges make a little loop so I can tie off a little knot there we go I'm just gonna go over one more bead there and just repeat that going underneath a little thread bridge there tie myself another little knot and I'm gonna go up through this one and then I would just trim off my thread and then you can move to the other side but that is how you can get a nice little tapered look and you just kind of keep that whole pattern going so it's nice and seamless and when you put it all together it's a really great little look there because you can actually get a nice you can get a nice little finishing technique that's happening on the back of your bracelet there and what's nice is this is also an easy way to let's say you didn't want to extend your bead weaving but you just kind of wanted to taper it down to the ends so you get a nice good full inch inch and a quarter there to play with just to add the clasp so it's a really nice little finished look especially with this sort of striped pattern of course you can do this with any right angle weave you want just also be aware that you can choose a clasp that has different rings we have three four five so however wide your pieces or however many beads or spaces you have you can accommodate the same style with a different loop number of loop clasp all right you can find all of these supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over to

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