How to Cover a Carrier Bead in Peyote Bead Weaving

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to cover a carrier bead in a strip of Peyote Bead Weaving. This technique shows you how easy it is to personalize any carrier bead with your chosen pattern of Peyote. For this example we are using Miyuki Delica 11/0 seed beads, but feel free to experiment with other beads as well, just remember that your pattern and length may change.
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Hi, this is Kat with of these beads and here's how they look uncovered now there are a two hole bead and they sort of have almost a little sort of beam shape to them almost kind of like a little oblong there but they're flat on the top and then they have a nice little sort of tip on either side so this is what a carrier bead is and honestly it's really there to carry your bead weaving you can absolutely use these raw as they are that's why they come in so many different colors here we have some beautiful metallics and Opaques we also have a sort of crystal and white family if you really want to hide them as well so we have crystal white and then a matte crystal which is really cool we have some matte gold and some beautiful travertine here as well it's almost like a tortoiseshell and then we also have some luster colors here so it's really about just showcasing your bead weaving onto one of these carrier beads but you could also do a similar design to this and maybe you want to alternate so that you have a raw carrier bead in between just to add a little bit of extra pop of color so you can see that with the turquoise here you see it on the side there so what we're gonna do is I'm going to show you how to do that little peyote right around there alright so you're probably wondering how many beads what's the pattern what can I do alright so I have my little strip here now this is 24 rows and then six across now this is if you want to do an even count and that's what I have here so if you just want to look at this one this is a nice even count peyote so you can see that you can create a little tri stripe there or in some other designs now if you wanted to create a chevron pattern we recommend you go down a bead so you can go five by 24 but you're gonna see just a little bit more of that carrier bead on the side so if you can just kind of see those sort of side by side I'll go ahead and put that down so you can really get a nice look at that but again you're not really wondering too much about you know how much are you showing in this other thing so for my example here I'm using eleven Oh miyuki delicas I love the way they work in peyote they're really nice they kind of fit together really tightly like little bricks so that's what I recommend here now you can absolutely experiment with other beads other sizes you just might need to be aware that you'll need to alter your pattern a little bit but for the purposes here I have a Miyuki 11 oh all right so I have my 24 by 6 and just to give you a little reference here I've already woven it and we do have you have other videos showing you how to do even count and odd count peyote but just to give you a little guide for my thread I'm using the fire Linus four-pound and I used 40 inches to create this one if you're gonna do the odd count because you have that extra turn around I recommend going up to 60 inches just to make sure that you have enough thread to complete your little loop alright so the other thing that we're gonna be needing today is we're gonna be actually gluing it on with a little a 6,000 so it doesn't move and wiggle around that carrier bead but the first thing is is normally what I would do and what I would recommend is to place your carrier bead and then wrap it up and then we'll do the zip up there but because it gets a little tight with the bead in there and since we want to glue it anyway and we don't want to kind of mush around all that glue what I'm gonna do is I'm going to zip it up and then I'm gonna show you how to slip it on to that carrier bead alright so let's start by go ahead and zipping up our peyote now you can see that as I pull it together the teeth are gonna come together there and a nice little seamless join so what we're gonna need to do is we're just gonna take our needle here and all we want to do is just sort of come around to the other side and go through that first bead and then watch it come right together there so now all I need to do is just zigzag through each little bead there so now I'm just going to go down through the little orange bead on the other side and go through the red bead so we're just kind of zigzagging picking up one bead at a time it's sort of as though you're picking up an extra row of peyote as you're working now I hope this gives you a little guide obviously the stripes are easy to match up the pattern with but if you have another sort of pattern that you want like a chevron or something just you know try to figure out exactly how many beads you're gonna need alright so now I have both of my cords coming out here and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just turn it around and sort of help tie this off so I'm just gonna kind of reverse there tighten that and I'm gonna kind of go through two beads at once depending on how tight your bead weaving is you can do this but if you can only get through one bead at a time don't don't force it we don't want any cracked beads or cracked needles alright so I'm gonna come back all the way up through this orange bead and what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna kind of come to the top here and you can hopefully see on camera that I had these little tiny black thread bridges now I'm using the black fire line you can also use the smoke and you can also use a crystal as well depending on your beads so all I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna catch that little thread bridge and tie a little knot and then just weave down into there we go into my bead weaving all right now I'm just gonna remove that needle and I'm gonna come to the other side here I'm gonna weave it in and then trim off my tails in the very same way and as soon as I'm done with that I'll be back to show you how to get it on to the carrier bead alright so now we have our little ring of peyote and here's what that looks like here so all we need to do is I just like to just double check just make sure everything fits so I'm just gonna slide my little carrier bead in there and it looks like everything is good so again this is the 6 by 24 using the 11 o miyuki delicas alright so once we have our little strip ready to go I have a little toothpick here and just a little sticky note that I'm just gonna use to place my e6000 done and we don't need much just enough to kind of hold it in place there alright so here's what I recommend just get a little bit on your toothpick or you can use like a little scrap why're something you have around the house and what I want to do is I actually want to only put it sort of on one edge here just like so just across the top and then I'm gonna flip it over and stay on that same side and kind of get it right there right on the top there so you can see that it's just on the left side there on the top and bottom I'm gonna add just a little bit more kind of getting it out to the edges over here alright cuz now what we're gonna do is we're gonna take our little strip and we're gonna slide it and what's gonna happen is it's gonna sort of smoosh the glue across the bead so that's why we only wanted to add it onto one side there alright so just slide that across and then just give it a little just a little adjustment there just to really kind of smush the glue in there and then just make sure that your ends are even so you can just see that I'm just sort of pressing it together there just to make sure all right so now we just need to make sure to let this dry for about 24 hours before we try to wear it you can probably work with it you can probably string it but I just want you to just not let it slide and just sort of let it settle all by itself alright and you can just kind of press it down just make sure everybody's happy there but that is how easy it is this is a great thing to personalize it really sort of bulks up the beads but again you know if you wanted to just bead weaving around one and then use the other colors as focal you can do something like that as well so here's our beautiful example you can see this full tutorial in another video where julie will be showing you how to string through there but this is just how to cover that carrier bead and peyote bead weaving I hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and see even more videos and tutorials by heading over to and hey if you're new here be sure to hit that subscribe button below and hit that subscribe bell if you want the latest from beadaholique

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