How to Use a Cordless Battery Powered Bead Reamer Tool

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Designer: Chris Bellomo
The cordless bead reamer is a great tool to smooth and enlarge bead holes. Light weight and easy to use, it comes with 3 tips, small pointed reamer, 45 degree edger and large pointed reamer. Both reaming points can be used to straighten, smooth & enlarge holes in ceramic, glass, stone & other types of beads. This unit is powered by 2 AA batteries.
Audio Transcript
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We're working today with the cordless battery powered bead reamer. Uses two double a batteries and comes with three tips. A small, a large and a forty five degree edged tip good for sharp edges is uh... round the edges of beads and that sort of thing. This is great for using with ceramic glass beads as well as pearls. We're going to demonstrate pearls. Right now I'm going to take to cover off. Pop in the smallest of the three tips. Just push it right down in there. This is very fast, ten thousand rpm. Using a bowl of water and i've got a rubber tipped tweezers here to hold my pearls nice and snug. We also sell these. This is euro tool rubber tipped tweezer. So I want to put it in the water. Waters being used as both for cooling and as a lubricant. And you could see this, you can certainly hear it, i bet. Drill down. You can see some of the material coming out of the pearl and if you could see that. The pearl has definitely got a larger hole now. They're pearls with notoriously small holes. Works really great. I discovered that this is a really great use for the tool So that's it. The cordless battery powered Bead Reamer For sell at Beadaholique. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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