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Hi. This is Andrea with In this video I'm going to show you how to use a brass caliper gauge. Now this is something that every jewelry maker should have laying around every bead artist. So useful. Sometimes you just need to know the size of a bead or a chain or a finding and this is an invaluable tool for measuring that. It measures in inches and metrics so what you're going to do to measure a bead, I have several different size beads here and a length of chain to measure outside diameter of anything you just slide your caliper open insert your bead close it around there and what you're looking for is where this line lines up. On this side the bottom side of the slide grow apart it's going to be in the metric system and this side it's going to be in inches. So we know that this bead is ten millimeters or about three-eighths of an inch. Now I'll show you a larger bead. It works exactly the same. You're just going to open your caliper a little bit wider close it gentler on a glass bead obviously and I'm going to look at that one for millimeters once more. So this one reads at about twenty-eight millimeters or just under one and one eighth inch. Now you can use the brass calipers for measuring inside diameter. You're going to do. that with the narrowest part right here You're going to do that by inserting the narrowest part into the inside of whatever you want to measure once again going outward. This time instead of reading this line you can see that there's a little length of measurement here you're going to go right in the center to the slightly longer line. So as you can tell the inside of this chain link is going to be roughly about seven and a half millimeters. That is how you use a brass caliper. Once again it's really useful. Very handy tool. Every beader should have one. Thanks for watching. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!

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