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Hi, this is Kat with using some buy cones here these are four millimeters I'm going to be using the smoke fire line just so it's easy for you to see and then the only other thing you'll need during your project is a pair of snips so I have those here ready so I've gotten to a good point I think I usually like to tie off my thread when I have about 8 inches or so just because I want to make sure that I have enough to make my knots so very simply so you can see I'm coming out this bead and it actually doesn't matter where your bead is actually or website where your thread is coming out you can actually just sort of follow the path back down so I'm just simply gonna go around that last unit I added and through the next bead the trick with right angle weave is just always keep going on the thread path you don't ever want to cross your threads in those nice little Center pockets that you have so as long as you sort of keep going down through the adjacent beads you should be fine so now what I'm going to do is I'm just going to take my needle and I'm gonna catch the thread bridge that's under one of those thread passes there and all I'm gonna do is pull through take my needle back through the loop and just tie a nice little knot so that's my first knot I like to do two knots so I'm just gonna keep weaving back down and back down through the next bead here and I'm gonna make one more little knot here again catching that thread bridge you can see my needles caught under there going through that loop and there's my last little knot so now all I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna weave through the next be through the next bead and you can sort of make as many knots as you feel that you need to secure it but I like to end with my thread coming in towards the center because now I'm just gonna remove my needle take my snips and just get this in my fingers for you there you go and just snip off that thread there we go so that it's nice and clean and facing towards the center it that way it keeps you from having all your little tails out here towards the side so that's how you tie off your thread nice and seamless and you don't see any of those little nuts now we're just gonna take a new length of thread and I don't need something too long just thread my needle so now I have my needle thread with my new length of fireline here and all I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go up sort of the opposite side here and what I'm gonna start by doing is I'm just going to start weaving in leaving a tail and just weave up and now I'm gonna go around here and again all you need to do is just follow that thread path I'm gonna make a little knot by going underneath that thread bridge going through that loop and keep my tail out of the way so you can see and now just continue to weave up and around until you get back to your sort of starting point where you came out with your needle beforehand and again I recommend making at least two knots I think that tends to make it nice and secure so I'm going to make another little knot here catching only one thread bridge again just go back through that loop and pull tight and now you can see that my thread is really in there which is what you want go back through and I'm gonna go through that bead there and now I'm ready to add on my beads and continue my right angle weave see so there you go very easy way to tie off and add in thread and then when you go back you can always just snip off those little tails that you have at the end so it's nice and seamless so that is how to tie off an add new thread in right angle weave and this works for a lot of bead weaving but I just wanted to show you this great example of how to do it very easily with right angle weave you can find more videos and more projects at you

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