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hi this is Julia meet Holly and in this video I'm going to teach you how to tie off and add more thread when you're doing a loom piece so here was my starting thread and you can see here I've actually added some more and then Here I am again and I don't have enough to finish another row and I just have barely enough to tie this off now it's really easy to add new thread you're going to want to do it because loom pieces take a lot of thread just from here to here was about 6 feet of thread so you imagine that we're looking at about 13 feet of thread already just to get to this point which is a lot so I just ended my last row and left the tail hanging and I rethreaded my loom needle with whatever lengths I need so now I'm going to pick up another series of beads in this case it's going to be 15 so 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 just make sure nothing popped off of there okay so we're good to go so we're just going to do our next row the same way as if we'd just continued on with our beading just get those guys to pop in there how you want them okay now when you pull your thread make sure you leave a tail that's going to be long enough to weave in to some of your loom work and go back through your beads this is the same process as any other row of loom work okay and now you'll just continue to pick up more beads and do more rows so what you see here are two tails right next to each other which is the same situation you see up here where I added more thread so now I want to show you how to weave those in okay so I'm going to go back up to here where I have this situation and so you're going to take one of the threads we put your needle back on and for added security the one that's on the bottom I want to weave going up and then this one here I want to weave going down so keep in mind the directions so I'm going to go through this row right here and pull it all the way through now I'm going to go up now look right here you see that little notch that's from here so all I have to do is pull that guy tight again go up through here and go through a couple beads and now I'm going to make a discreet little knot so I'm going to go under one of my thread bridges my tail out of them make a little knot and now go through a couple more beads make another little knot and I'm doing it under one of the wefts bridges so the ones are going this way not one of my main warp threads here we go and by doing it this way you're actually able to lips my needle came off by doing it this way you're actually able to take those little knots and pull them into your beads so that they're hidden so look at that little knot and when I pull it it just disappears and that's really what you want and I recommend doing at least 3 knots just for security now if you've done your last one go ahead take your needle go through a few more beads pull it and then you can just take a pair of scissors and trim it and so you'll do the same thing of it with this one you would just rethread your needle on to the tail and go back and weave it in and tie three knots and then for your starting one it would be the exact same process let me show you just real quick just because I want to make sure that you know how to be able to secure all your threads whether it's your starting threads or once you've added in so same thing so here is where we started I'm just going to run back through an entire line of beads go back through this one to catch under one of those weft threads make a knot back through several more beads pull that knot into your bead make sure it doesn't catch on your loom and then sometimes I like to go through that little loop once and sometimes I like to go through it twice going through it twice makes a little bit bigger or not I do feel is a little bit more secure so you make sure that maybe one of your knots there's a double knot like that and I don't like to ever trim my thread right along the edge here so let me just redo my needle is actually a very hot day here in Los Angeles when we're taping this and so my needle keeps pulling out just because the thread is actually getting a little slippery because my hands are a little slippery okay one more knot now give me my three go ahead pull it through there we go now I'm just going to trim it there we go and that is how you add more thread and tie off thread when doing loom work you

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