How to Make the Timbuktu Bracelet featuring GemDuos and Cymbal Bead Endings

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to make a simple component using Czech Glass GemDuo Beads and Cymbal Bead Endings that you will connect together to make a delicate bracelet.
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hi this is kat with duo's and symbol bead endings so you're probably familiar with gem duo's and those are these here right here these are nice little diamond to hold beads and they have a little beveled edge on the front and they're flat on the back now the symbols are a little bit different so they're designed to look like the shape and to be utilized with this particular shape but it has a nice little metal element and a little ring on the end so this is the antique brass so this is the exact shape that we're going to be using for our bracelet here and you can see I have a finished version so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to show you how you can make really simple quick and easy components to just string together with jump rings just like you see here but I did bring out some of the other symbols that we have and you can see those on my table so again I wanted to show you that we have that beautiful antique brass finish but we also have some great gold and silver as well so it's gonna be really really wonderful and you'll notice that you're seeing some different shapes here so for example you have this shape which has a little bit more of a square and that can be used with half teyla's or Teela's and we do also have some super duo shapes and you'll notice one of the other things that's really neat and I want to point out this one right here this is a little bead substitute so it looks like a Tila but you can actually just use it as a Tila so you get that nice little metal element so I just wanted to bring out a couple of examples we do have many other videos showing you how to use these beautiful symbols as the bead ending speed substitutes so you can utilize that as well we also do have some lovely magnetic clasps but lots of videos in projects showing you how do you don't use those but I just wanted to bring those out to show you some of the beautiful color varieties and really showcase that antique brass so that's what we're gonna be doing here today we're gonna be bead weaving this together alright so to do that I'm gonna be using some fireline and today I'm gonna be showing you using this smoke color so it shows up really nicely today but if you are going to use this colorway I would recommend using the crystal fire line I think it's just gonna disappear a little bit better and you're gonna like the result so you will see the thread in this particular demonstration but for yours I would recommend the crystal but of course if you're using a darker color bead go ahead and utilize that smoke alright so we're gonna have two pairs of chain nose pliers a regular and event to help us with the jump rings and then we're also going to be using our thread zap here and I have already some smoke fire line onto my size 12 needle but before we dive in I just want to do a little demo on sizing because I know one question is we always want to be clear about how big things are so let me bring my ruler in and just so you can see from end to end I've done seven units and there go my magnetic clasps we are about at seven inches so you can just see from one tip to the other that one unit is gonna be just shy of one inch so then you add on near that little jump ring and those are four millimeter 22 gauge jump rings that's gonna add about an inch so forever for however many inches you would like your piece to be you can add on one extra unit so let's say if you wanted a six inch bracelet obviously you would not use one and then if you needed to add just a little bit of extra space down here at the back I would recommend adding a couple of jump rings so you add like one or two more jump rings just if you need that little extra quarter inch or so so that's a little bit about sizing all right so let's show you how to do our little weaving here so what we're gonna do is I'm just gonna kind of pull this out and what I like to do is sort of you know play with them almost like little geometric shapes and math class so I'm just gonna kind of put that together so I know exactly how that's gonna go and what we're gonna do is we're going to take our needle and I'm gonna try to leave this on the table so you guys can really see what's happening so I'm gonna take my needle and I'm gonna go through that first symbol there and I'm also gonna go through that gem do at the top so let me get all the way through there and I have maybe about two feet of thread on my on my needle that's that's even probably too much because this is so tiny but I just wanted to be able to kind of really showcase it for you guys alright so we came up through that first hole so now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to take my needle and I'm gonna go back down through that second hole of that gem duo I'm also going to pick up that first hole on that symbol and I'm gonna come through that last hole on that gem do so I'm going straight down and aligning all three of those beads together I'm just gonna get my needle there we go all right so last but not least I need to turn my thread around and I'm going to go through this side of this gem duo right here but I'm not going to go through that next symbol because we are gonna do something a little different all right so now I want to kind of cinch everything up together and scooch all my beads down there so there they're all kind of hanging down there so what we're gonna do is we're just gonna tie an overhand knot and I'm just gonna take this around through and tie a knot and that's gonna come together there just like so and now I'm gonna do another quick little knot and you can see that it's buckling just a little bit don't worry that will relax so just tie a little knot and kind of give it a little extra tug all right so there we go so now you can see that it's laying a little bit flatter you just need to sort of press it down so I'm gonna pick this up and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take the side that has the needle on it and I'm gonna go through it the same loop that I did let's see if I can catch both no just do one at a time sometimes you can catch both at the same time and I'm gonna go up through that gem do so you kind of have to bend it back and just sort of sneak your needle through there because we've made it nice and nice and taut there we go and now you can see that little thread bridge going up and over so we're gonna do that again so we're going to go down through and I only want to come out the other side of the symbol there just like so all right so now I'm going to remove my needle from this side just sort of set that aside so this was the side that my needle was on I'm gonna take the other side here find the end thread on my needle there we go and now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go and we're working my way over just weave over to meet up with that next thread so I'm going down through that gem duo and then up through the other side there and then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come to the back so I'm gonna kind of flip it over because this is where we want to hide a little bit of our thread that's happening I'm gonna remove that needle so I don't poke myself and now I'm gonna do the same thing we're gonna do two overhand knots just to secure that thread right down there so this prevents you from having to weave too much and it's really simple and it's a nice little easy way to do a little bit of weaving but then do mostly connecting so you get a nice delicate bracelet alright so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna bring those two together and again this is showing you on the back because what we're gonna do is I'm gonna bring in my little thread zap here press it down to warm it up that is getting very hot so please be careful so just go ahead and try to keep your fingers out of the way and we're just gonna thread zap off both of those cords on the back looks like I just got the one mm-hmm there we go alright so I'm gonna set my little things aside and now I have my completed little component so then you can make as many as you need and once you are done and ready for that let's say I'm gonna attach my clasp here and this is gonna be the same way so we're just gonna use a couple of those jump rings and everybody's gonna get really friendly because it's magnetic so I'm just gonna take it in my pliers give it a little gentle twist and then I'm gonna slip it on to either one end of the little and the pede ending here or slip it onto the clasp slip on there we go and then I'm gonna come in with this plier and we're just going to close that up so that could be one of the endings for my bracelet so then you just sort of repeat and you just add them and attach them all with little jump rings at the end very very simple and just make as many as you like it's the same technique but it's really fun to use these bead endings that brings a little bit of an edge metal element to it and I just love how delicate it really wears on the wrist so you can just see how easy that is also with that magnetic clasp but just really really lovely and delicate I hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of the symbols and all of our gem duo's and all the supplies who you've seen here over at you

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