How to Make the SuperDuo Medallion Earrings Using Cymbal Components

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to bead weave this design using Czech glass 2-Hole SuperDuo beads, Cymbal Bead Substitutes and Cymbal Bead Endings, as well as how to attach an earring hook.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique the super duo medallion earrings using symbol components so this is just a really pretty basic example of you so nice earring featuring some super duo beads along with some my yuki round eleven o's in this pretty galvanized dark berry color and also the symbols bead substitutes along with a symbol bead ending right here and an earring hook for tools I've just got some scissors and chain nose pliers I've got my needle strung with two feet of fireline so let's begin the first thing I'm gonna do is take up an 11 OC bead and I'm going to alternate with the super duos and also with these bead substitutes now you'll notice there's a flat side and kind of a round side to these substitute beads so I want to make sure I'm headed the same direction through each one so to keep myself straight I'm actually gonna keep my beads on my needle so I can follow my pattern and as I go back and forth here just picking up seed beads super duos and substitutes I'm gonna do eight seed beads with four of each of the others and get those out of my way I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing here I'm gonna get my next seed bead on my next super duo this is just a plain turquoise color another 11 oh another substitute there and so forth okay this is my last substitute beer and I'm gonna add on one more no I think I got my last stupid or two so I've got eight my Yuki's mixed with four super duos and for substitutes and now I'm going to string all my beads down make a ring just by tying an overhand knot and for security I'm gonna double this one around in a surgeon's knot make sure that Lance where I want it to right there and I'm gonna clip my tail so it doesn't get in the way of my weaving now I'm ready to go up into my second row of weaving so for that you'll see my threads coming right up against this EADS substitute and I'm gonna string up through the second hole of it and from here I'm going to add on two more super duos those are gonna fit nicely right between as I go through the next hole of my super duo in that row and I'm gonna continue this way all the way around just adding two glass super duos between each in this second row so this is how it's looking it's taking on a really pretty star formation I feel like I've got a hitch in my thread I do let me pull that out from behind that other bead there there we go I love working with super doers and mini duo's the way that they stack and build they're just so fun to work with and these symbols add a whole new set of possibilities to having that really beautiful metal element kind of taking it up a notch all right so I'm coming through my last hole of that layer underneath and you'll see I'm coming up between what I want to do now is come through this hole of the super duo beside that substitute and I'm going to come up now hit it in the opposite direction I'm stepping up into the third row of weaving and I want to take a minute here just to explain why I'm coming backwards as I bring in this example and I want to point out right here you can kind of see how this little seed bead sunk into the design and that was my first pass at trying to step up without coming backward and it pulled this super duo down into the design in a way that I did a little trouble troubleshooting and figured out how to fix that so now we're coming up and through the opposite direction and that's going to keep our design intact and now I'm bringing on on my yuki seed bead between each of these outermost holes of the super duos so I've got two on there and now what I want to do right in the beginning before I forget is I want to take on my little bead ending and I want to situate it just right in the middle between the two bead substitutes so that the design is balanced so let me get that on there and you'll see how nicely these fit in here and it's such a clean professional finish so got that on and I'm coming through to resume my seed bead work and so I'm gonna put a on my yuki seed bead in between each section as I go around the outer edge and it's really pretty straightforward you've got to start somewhere and once you kind of come around in a ring with a lot of these beads you sort of figure out your thread path and it leads you in all sorts of creative directions with these two whole beads it's a lot of fun I chose this dark galvanized berry color to kind of bring out the metal element and add some contrast alright so I'm adding in my last seed bead I'm going to double back through a few beads here get to a place where I'm comfortable making my knot I'm actually going to come through the bead end a little simple piece and reinforce it a little bit since that's the point that will get more where come down kind of into the middle of the design where my knots not going to show up quite so much and now I'm ready to come through in a loop find my thread bridge and tuck that knot right in double it up and weave in my thread just through a few beads and now I'm ready to clip there we go now all we need to do is put on it your wire I'm gonna angle that off to the side slide on my cymbal bead end and there we have it so I hope you enjoyed that video this is how to make the super duo medallion earrings using symbol components please visit for all your beading needs and also subscribe to our youtube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching

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