How to Make the Sweet May Daisy Chain Bracelet

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to create a sweet and simple bead woven daisy chain bracelet using three colors of Miyuki round seed beads. You can use this same technique to make a daisy chain wrapped bracelet or necklace. A magnetic clasp has been added to complete the design. This is a great beginner bead weaving project.
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Hi, this is Julie with and a ceetain and how to finish it so we will end up with a finished bracelet at the end for this project you're going to need three colors of seed beads I'm using my yuki round size 11 oh and the colors I've chosen are matte cobalt a white this is just an opaque white and a galvanized this is a galvanized magenta which is so pretty now I have basically finished this whole bracelet and you can see how few seed beads I use this is actually from these tubes so you can make a lot of these bracelets with just these beads I also want to let you know you're going to be using a fireline thread for this and it's a point zero zero six for the demo here I'm going to be using black thread because we have a white cloth but I use the white and you can buy any size spool that you like comes a wide variety of sizes of spools depending on how much you use with your beading and then you're gonna need a little magnetic clasp and I love these little guys for bracelets just real simple but they have a nice little closed loop which is very easy to bead on to in terms of your tools you just need a needle I'm using a size ten beading needle and a pair of scissors we'll just notice up here I just have a small sampling of other of these myut round seed beads showing that they come in galvanized matte opaque color line transparent a lot of different choices alright so how do we do this it's really fun and it's really easy first go ahead and spread out a little sampling of your beads now it's a Z chain was one of the very first beating techniques I learned and I do have a special place for it in my heart it's just a really sweet and fun and not hard and there's a lot of variations on it we do have another video at showing a different variation on it and that's why I wanted to do this video like I mentioned I I'm going to be starting with the black thread just so you can see it so I'm not going to cut the actual amount I would for the bracelet if you are doing the complete project you want to start with 65 inches of your thread okay so I'm going to put that aside and to begin you're gonna separate out your clasp and you're going to put your thread through that loop and pull it so you have a tail that's about six inches long because you're going to need to go back at the end and put your needle back on it alright so got that tail we're just doing an overhand knot and we're sliding it towards that clasp and now we're gonna go ahead and do another knot and we're gonna go through twice just like so and pull it down and that is our anchor point so that is how we begin we're gonna put our needle onto our thread okay and now to begin you're gonna pick up seven seed beads of one of the color so you have two colors for the two flowers and then you have a center and in this case I'm using white you can use cream you can do whatever you like so I'm going to pick up seven of the same color of one of the flowers five six and seven slide it down hold it in your hand and go back up through three and I don't know if you can tell but the magnet is actually attaching itself to my needle you'll have to deal with that to start with but after you get a few flowers in it you won't even notice it so I went back up through the first three and it made a little loop and I made like a little flower so at this point I'm just gonna take my finger and I'm gonna pull that down towards the clasp now I'm gonna pick up one of my Center color in my case it's white and I've got it on the needle I'm just gonna slide it down and I'm gonna go back up through those same three beads and for this one I'm going to position that in the center of my flower and hold it there as I pull my thread sure it doesn't get stuck on any I made new little petals and pull tight if you need to pull it down towards the base again alright so there's one flower now we're going to do a second one but in an alternating color so again we're going to pick up seven beads so one two three four five six seven slide them down and then go up through three of them so you make a little loop you pull it around you have a flower and then you see that little gap so if you look here there's a little gap that's what you want to make sure you try to have as little of as possible you might have a little gap but to get rid of that you just pull it down with your finger and now you can see we've gotten rid of that gap but we now need a flower Center so we're gonna pick up our Center color again slide it on down pull it over so it's positions in the middle you can do that before after you go through these three beads whatever is easiest for you then go back up through the same three beads that we just went through and pull we've got our second little flower we're gonna do another one so one two three four five six and seven pull that down go up through three makes that nice little loop so you can kind of see it here maybe a little bit better it makes that loop and then just scoot it down so it rests against the last one you just did and then you're gonna go ahead take that Center bead position it in the center and where are those three beads I went through originally there they are you always want to make sure you go up through the same beads to keep your bead work even all right there we go and I'm just gonna do one more and then I'm gonna go back to my original piece and show you how to finish off the bracelet so now we need one two three four five six seven and you never change your technique this is what you do to create the entire daisy chain whether you're making a bracelet or you're making a necklace or a wrap bracelet whatever you might be doing just keep going which is very soothing so it's really quite a simple technique in a simple pattern but very fun okay that Center bead again and you can flip your beadwork around however is most comfortable for you that Center bead down bring it to the center go up through those three beads again and pull there you go now these will flop around a little bit which i think is very playful and fun but we've just done four little flowers and you'll just continue doing that so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pick up the sample I already started and I've done all the little daisies that I want for my bracelet I'll show you what that looks like on a real sweet little bracelet so to finish it off you're going to pick up the other half of your clasp so you see that that was it's matched pair right there I'm gonna go through the loop pull it on down and now you want to tie it now you can do this one of two ways you can just tie it like this make a little knot or what I want to do it I find a little bit easier for this last step is to go through my seed bead which my my thread is coming out of and pull it down and then make a little loop and go through it and your needle will stick to your magnet it just happens I don't think there's a way to avoid it though there we go and tie that and that gives you a little thread bridge to go under through again and pull pull it nice and tight and then I may go through it again try to get that magnet to stop grabbing my needle once twice pull it down and then what I like to do let go is I like to go down through some beads next to it and pull and I'm gonna work my way into my beadwork a little bit here and when I see a good spot like I see coming up here where I can see kind of an exposed little thread bridge I'm gonna tie another knot just giving it that added measure of security tie a couple knots if you want to and then go up through a couple more beads and then trim it with your scissors and the magnet will stick to your scissors to trim it alright so that is now done and what I did to finish off the other side was I simply took the tail that was sticking out here put my needle back on it and did the exact same thing that you just saw here I just wove it back into my beadwork and tied a couple little knots and that is all there is to it to make the sweet may daisy chain bracelet and if you see how it clasps I think it's really comfortable really nice it would be great to stack other bracelets with that's still a really popular trend you can see a lot of people layering bracelets and this is a really nice little thin bracelet to do that bit I hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you did please check out all our other videos on both YouTube and you

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