How to Space Out Round Beads with Toho Demi Rounds on the Wrapit Loom

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Designer: Rachel Zaimont
In this video you'll learn a quick design tip for spacing out round beads on the Wrapit Loom. Hourglass-shaped rows of Toho demi round seed beads sit snugly in the negative space between beads to prevent crowding and add a metallic touch to your finished wrap bracelet!
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Rachel with beadaholique beads with Toho dummy rounds on the rapid loom so when you're designing with the rapid loom spacing out your wraps is very important when the beads are straight on the loom they can be flat but remember that they're gonna be curved on your wrist so especially when you're working with round beads it can be tricky to space them out so you don't crowd the beads when they're too close together so I'm going to show you a quick design tip to avoid crowding your beads by spacing them out with dummy rounds so as you can see my rapid loom is already set up I'm using the rapid loom Professional Series duo and I already have my leather cords my button and my Griffin silk threads all set up here and we have another great video showing you exactly how to put together your rapid loom so you can start adding your beads so this is just a quick design tip video and for this video I'm using 6 millimeter crazy lace agate purple gemstone beads from Dakota stones and I love the color of these beautiful modeled purple beads I'm also using two sizes of Toho Demi round beads I'm using the 8 o beads in matte dark copper this is the larger size and I'm using 11 Oh Demi round beads and bronze this is the small size so to start the first thing I'm going to do like always on the rapid loom is I'm going to do my wraps so take my left thread go under one side and out the top and just pull that thread out to the side and I'll repeat that on the other side so I'll pick up my right thread go underneath and up out the top and pull that thread to the right and now I'm ready to add another row of beads so I'm going to pick up one a toad I'm around 311 no dummy rounds and one more a toe and I'm gonna slide these beads down on my thread then pick up my other thread and cross the attached needle through the beads the same way we would always add thread add beads on the rapid loom and I'm gonna pull that thread out to the other side and I'm just gonna pull these beads and tighten them down on the loom and now as you can see this little row of beads creates an hourglass shape that really fills in the negative space between the round beads so now I'm gonna add a round bead to show you exactly how it sits together so again I'm going to start with my wraps up and out the middle and out to the side with my right thread and up and out the middle and out to the side with my left thread and now I'm gonna pick up one of these beautiful purple crazy lace agate beads does my other thread and cross through the hole and pull that bead down to the loom and there you go now you can see that this round bead is sitting in the curve of the dummy rounds and that those dummy rounds are really just taking up the negative space between the beads and this will prevent your beads from overcrowding and lend a beautiful look to your piece so that is how to space out round beads with demi rounds on the rapid loom you can find all of these supplies at thanks so much for watching you

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