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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique was a quick tip on how to use micro spacers and Demi rounds in bloom work so you can see here I've got a project going on the Joule loom which if you're new to loom weaving be sure to see our video on how to set up and use the Joule loom and the beads I have that I'm using are some size a toe toe hose and also some a toe toe ho Demi rounds along with these beautiful sparkly Czech faceted micro spacers so when I went ahead and put my thread onto the loom you can see that I spaced the warp threads every other groove and that was to accommodate the slightly larger size of the beads that I'm using so to demonstrate I'm going to go ahead and thread a couple lines of beads just just show you how they load up on the loom I've got a pattern going in the center so I'm on my orange bead and you'll also notice that I'm using the Demi rounds to frame my faceted beads and they fit so nicely in between the warp threads as you'll see so I picked up all my beads and I'm just gonna bring them in line them into the threads and they pop right in and so I've actually got two beads in the first section three at the center and two at the end I'm gonna thread those on as I would any line at a little work and come back through the top whoops sometimes they pop out a little bit there we go be sure I'm coming over the top of those warp threads and out the end I'm using my nice long jewel loom needle I'll do another another length of beads just to give you a real sense of how those fits so nicely in there you know I'm on my green bead with my Demi rounds on either side I love how the sparkle gets picked up so well in contrast to those math beads it's always nice to juxtapose the two matte and shiny so I'll pop those in sure my threads in the proper spot there come back over the top yeah there you have it I think that's my last row that I'm going to do with the demi rounds and the faceted beads you'll notice at the beginning that I have just a row of the Toho's and that's to accommodate the slider clasp that I'll be putting on which I'll be referencing our designer Julie's video on how to finish off loom weaving and at the clasp so you may want to visit that video as well so there's how to add some slightly larger beads to loom work this project bundle tools and supplies are all available at and please visit our youtube channel and subscribe for all the latest updates thanks for watching you

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