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Hi! This is Megan with and I'm going to show you how to anchor different types of chain to your bead embroidery foundation when you want to add a different kind of dimension to your bead embroidery so I have to four different types of chain here. I have a regular cable chain a ball chain a box chain and rhinestone cup chain it is a little different the way you would want to secure them down so I thought I would show you a few different types. So I have a piece of Lacy's stiff stuff that I'm going to use as my bead embroidery foundation and then I have a beading needle with some nylon beading thread so I'm gonna go ahead and start with the regular cable chain and I'm just gonna do a little length skip over and do the next one just to show you the different ways and I'm going to come up from the back like always with a knot go up this way so you want to use a thread color that's gonna match your chain pretty well and unless you want to see your foundation behind your chain some of them is gonna hide more so than others. A regular cable chain is going to show through we do have a video on dying Lacy's Stiff Stuff so you could dye that to match a little bit better and it would show less or you can go ahead and just go right onto an ultra suede foundation or something like that I took a stitch up and grab the end of the chain stitch up go right around the end and right back down then you can see this chain, you kind of have it at an angle, a diagonal where you have this side touching the foundation then this side, then this side so all you want to do is get your needle up right next to where the side of that link touches the foundation and just take a stitch right over the side of the link and back up and then you're going to come up in the next link again just inside where that link touches the foundation and then take the stitch down right outside so each time you come up with a stitch you just want to capture that part and tack it down so then you go into the next one come up just inside that link and stitch it down and don't forget to condition your thread otherwise it will be tangly like mine you can make sure that your chain doesn't get twisted up too you can keep it going every other one so that it will lay nice and uniformly that's mostly a concern with the cable chain do a couple more so you can see the way that it lays okay so you can see it's nice and uniformly and it doesn't misshape it all and holds it down nice and firm so that's how you do a normal cable chain skip over a bit ball chain is actually pretty simple to anchor you just want to come up through the back of your foundation catch the chain right between two of the balls and go right back down and then you're gonna come up right next to the joint between the next two go right down on the other side again to one side of the little connector space right back down on the other side and you keep moving along I would go ahead and do a stitch between every section there just to keep it connected well and that's gonna be really secure cup chain you'll secure pretty much exactly the same way as the ball chain so I'm going to skip a little so come up from the back of your foundation lay down the cup chain and again you're gonna take a little stitch right on the connecting bar between two rhinestones and cup chain and ball chain both collapse and expand so make sure that you don't squish it up when you're stitching it down. Makes sure it lays at its full length go back to the next little connector bar between the rhinestones come up on one side go right back down on the other make sure you don't get your thread caught in the prongs that hold the rhinestones together I would put a stitch in between every pair of rhinestones if you need to you can take down your chain to hold the chain in place or you can follow the outside shape of a cabochon or you can draw a line on your foundation and then follow the chain to keep track of where you need it to be coming you can see just like the ball chain, the cup chain is going to be really secure it's not gonna move around the last thing I'm gonna show you is box chain skip over with the box chain you wanna make sure that your needle is small enough to go through the openings instead of tacking it down across the side you're going to tack it down inside the little box along the bottom this one is really clean looking, so you come up from the bottom of your foundation go through the end box and then you're going to hold it down flat and go down right next to where your thread comes out and then you can go to the next sideways box skip over, you can go to the next link where the openings are to the side come up next to the side of the chain go through that box and then go down through your foundation right next to there go to the next box that's open on the sides you want to get your needle up against it so that your stitches don't show through the box and you can continue like that to leave it just that way. I do also wanna show you one other way to do this where you can put beads on top of the box chain it adds an extra extra bit of dimension you could probably figure out how to do this with some of the other chains but it's really easy with the box chains so I'm going to show you how to do that if you wanted to do this with cable chain you need to make sure that the bead is bigger than the hole that's the basic rule since the box chain has really tiny little holes it'll work fine so what I'm going to do is come up through through one of the holes in the box chain this time you're using one of the boxes that has the opening facing up then you're going to take a bead and a seed bead is big enough, you just need it to be bigger than that hole go down right back down the same whole so that bead is going to sit right on top then you go to the next hole go up grab a bead go right back down the same hole go to the next link and up grab a bead and right back down that same hole that's another way to add more dimension to your bead embroidery so that should give you a basic idea on how to attach any different kind of chain that you have it could add a really interesting element to bead embroidery.

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