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Hi I'm Megan with and I want to show you how to secure a dimensional bead for bead embroidery so here I have these really cool new czech glass spike beads and I want to do bead embroidery with these now it has a flat back on it but it also has a hole and I am securing it by glueing it and stitching it because sense it's dimensional, since it sticks up I don't want it to get knocked off. I don't want to hit it and have it come off just a little tip if you're going to use a bead that sticks up quite a bit if it has a hole and a flat back, do both All you need to do is glue it down. I used E6000 onto my foundation and then once the glue is dry and you make sure it hasn't seeped over the edge because it's very hard to stitch through then you're going to just take your thread. I'm just using nylon nymo thread and tie a knot and then you're just gonna stitch through a few times so come up on the side of the bead right by where the hole is and then go through the hole go right back down you just want to go through a few times to make it nice and secure just right around stitching just right next to where you stitched before probably three or four times is enough then you just go ahead and tie an knot in the back you can start your bead embroidery now or you can do these all at once if you're gonna do a series of them and then tie it off and go back. So that's gonna give it extra security. Anytime you have the option of doing glue and stitching I would recommend it. If it's gonna stick up its gonna get knocked around a little bit more So that is gonna be the best way to secure a dimensional bead like that for bead embroidery.

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