How to Repair a Dropped Bead in Loom Work

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Beginner
As you are doing bead looming, it can easily happen where a weft thread accidentally misses going over a warp thread and the result is a dropped bead, or a bead that has fallen out. This is easy to repair and in this video you will see how to add that bead back in place so it looks like it never fell out.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and so when all was said and done might be you popped out because it wasn't anchored in there so the whole basic premise when you're doing your loom work is you've got your warp threads here and your weft threads are going this way and you're basically going under and then back over and through the beads and that's what's holding your beads in place so when you don't do that properly you accidentally just don't go over a bead or something happens you'll end up dropping a bead a couple different ways it can happen and there's a couple different ways to repair it I'm going to show you one way of repairing it right now so I have rethreaded on some string and I just probably have maybe 30 inches here and I'm going to go back through the row where I have the missing bead and that bead could have shown up anywhere and I'm just going through all my beads I'm going to leave a tail at about 10 12 inches because I'm going to have to tie some knots here at the end so now if you see I've got a warp thread right here and I have another warp thread right here I'm going to go on the right side of the warp thread right before my missing bead and go down so I'm underneath like so now I'm going to pick up the missing bead and I'm going to pop it in place there it goes and now I'm going to go back on top of it if you can see that little flash of metal I'm also going on top of the warp thread that I just went under initially and now I'm going to go back through my beads you see now that gap is filled and I'm just going to go through till I exit again so now I have two strings or I should say two tails exiting the same point so now I'm going to go to the next row over and now I'm going to tie a discreet little knot couple more beads so I don't really need to do this part on camera but I'm just going to do another little not go a couple more beads do a little not trim that thread and then go ahead and rethread my needle onto this end and then go up to the row on top do the exact same process and trim my threads and now my bead is anchored I no longer have a hole and I have successfully repaired my loom piece so that is one way of repairing your loom work if you have a dropped or fallen out bead you

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