How to Read a Peyote Pattern Bead Chart

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video, you will learn how to read peyote patterns simply and easily.
Update: The kit shown in this video is no longer available. We have included a link to a project tutorial that uses similar components below.
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Hi, this is Kat with green this is one of our exclusive kits and I have the full bracelet here just to show you how pretty it actually looks because sometimes it doesn't look so good in the pattern but it looks really great when you finally weave it together but I just want to show you kind of how to read a pattern like this now whether you've purchased a kit from us or if you find a pattern online or something that you want to recreate and it doesn't have these nice little handy arrows everywhere I just want to show you sort of the logistics of what a pattern should look like and how to start it so if you've ever done peyote bead weaving and we do have a full video showing you actually how to do this weave I just want to point out that what you'll have is you'll have an upbeat and a downbeat and these are your first two rows here and you always have to start at that down bead so this is actually the first bead that you'll pick up is you see that very first red one right there because when you pick up your first two rows you're gonna pick up the down bead first so you'll pick up the red the red the red the red the red green green green green and so forth so you'll pick up the first two rows and then you'll end picking up this red bead on your last as your last bead and you'll have your thread coming out here so the first bead then you'll pick up is that bead that's right below it and now you're gonna start to skip every row so or skip every column because you're gonna put that down bead and you're going to go through that top bead and then you're going to add that one so you sort of then start to skip and you'll see as you kind of weave your way down how that works now I will say this and this might be only specific to our patterns here and the type of clasp that we tend to use which is a nice tube clasp you'll see that the tube has to connect a certain way so it goes in to each other just like so but that also means you'll need to end the pattern so you'll have that upbeat and then down here this will have to be empty so that both sides actually mirror each other so that's really important if you see that you don't end on an upbeat and start on an upbeat so you have that longer side and a shorter side you'll want to make sure that they're mirror images of each other so that's basically how to read a peyote pattern we have our separated into a and B and that's just to give you a little bit of a larger scale so that you don't hurt your eyes while you're working on this because it is very tiny beads but if you want to create your own peyote pattern I hope this gives you a little bit of an overview on how to do so and if you'd like to use one of our patterns we do sell all of these and you'll get this pattern when you purchase any of our peyote exclusive kits I hope you enjoyed this video you can find more supplies at you

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