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Hi, this is Kat with if you're more comfortable and sort of work your way up if you're also unsure of the size that you want you could pick a row in the center and work your way this way and leave a nice long tail to work your way down in case you think that you might want to shorten the pattern so that's a little tip in case you're unsure of exactly how long this beaded pattern is going to be because of course the little portions here are bigger than the actual beads as you can see these are exactly side by side now one thing that you're also going to want to be aware of if you look here at the end of my loom piece you don't see that orange row it's because it is hidden beneath that slide end clasp now depending on what class pier using this may or may not apply to your work or to the pattern that you've chosen so just be aware that you might lose a row so if you're starting without these sort of striped patterns here that you're going to lose a row of your pattern if you choose a clasp that will cover that so just be aware of that as well so it's very simple and you just pick up your Rose and just work your way down the pattern very nice and simple so that is how to read a beaded loom pattern we have more kits and many more patterns available at you

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