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Hi, this is Kat with and ins and they're just really really lovely and they have this nice gold cap on the end here and they do come with a jump ring that I've already removed but I just wanted to use the tierracast jump rings they are five point four millimeters and 21 gauge and then I'm also going to be using the tierracast earring posts and these are in their ethnic design and it's just a really fun thing and I thought they would look great with the Jade horns and then I also pulled out a couple of earring backs I like to use these especially because as you'll notice when I put it on the back it's about the same size of the circle so it's a really nice secure fit so if you have a couple pairs of chain nose pliers to help you with those jump rings you're all set to get started so it's just really simple you just take your open jump ring in your pliers here and just gently twist to open just like so and then I'm going to hook on my Jade pendant to my earring hook as well and then just take your other pair of chain nose pliers and close up that jump ring and that is it that is how simple it is and I just want to show you the other one really quick because I like to do it where I get to mirror the pieces because you'll notice that the ring on top of there is stationary so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna in the same manner here just open that second jump ring by giving it a little twist slip it on to my pendant and make sure it is facing the opposite direction so you have a nice mirrored effect and then I'm going to slip on my earring post and close up my jump ring there we go and now I can just put on my earring Max or you can wear them and then put on you earring backs of course and you're all set to go and that's how simple and easy this project is it's a great way to showcase any gemstone pendant that you may come across and you have the nice security of using a post earring and an earring back I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these supplies and more videos at and be sure to hit the subscribe button below to get all the latest videos on YouTube you

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