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Hi, this is Kat with for some beautiful examples here that our designers have done and I just want to show you a few of them so we've made sort of bangle sets so we've made three of each and in this one you can see that it's a little bit of a cleaner look on the back here with just simple wire wrapping on each side and it's a nice sturdy bangle this is using 20 gauge wire and they all use 20 gauge wire but I just want to show you that like on this one we've used an acrylic gemstone piece and the wire is a little bit more flimsy just because it doesn't have the structure of the other gemstones but it's still very strong and then here's another example and we've actually wire wrapped the back to give that gemstone a little bit of nice stability and it adds just a little nice sort of organic look to the gemstones especially when they are kind of that beautiful faceted style here's another quick example we used a Swarovski crystal sort of focal and did two gemstones and so that kind of makes a nice little shimmery set so you can really get creative with the colors and in our last example here these are the dazzling sugar stones and what we've done is we've fastened a pad to the back so that it makes it easy to thread through it so we can actually use this as a gemstone bead so this is a really popular look and so we just wanted to sort of create a version of that for you as well and you'll be able to find all of these supplies at but in this video I'm going to show you the basic technique on how to complete these so let's go over what you're going to need so for this project what you're going to need is you're going to need about six feet of artistic wire which is what I'm using here and this is 20 gauge and you're going to need your gemstone vocals a pair of chain nose pliers a pair of wire straightening nylon pliers if you need them they're good to have on hand sometimes you don't need them but just in case your wire gets kinked you're going to want to have these ready and a pair of flush cutters as well as a wire rounder tool and the last thing that you're going to need is either a mandrel or some sort of cylindrical household item that you can use to bend your wire so in this video like I explained I'm going to show you the wrapped technique as well as the clean technique and I'm going to show them both to you in the same bracelet but I'm going to walk you through how to how to do both okay so I'm gonna take my mandrel and I kind of already have my wire coiled a little bit here so what I'm going to do is I'm actually just gonna place my mandrel right and right in the center there don't make it a little bit easier and you'll see why so now what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to make three wraps around the mandrel but you're going to want to leave a nice long tail and I already need my wire straightening pliers there we go okay and as you'll see you can kind of zip it up here okay I'm just gonna pick up my mandrel yeah just make sure that I have three solid raps here not including my tail that's actually four so I'm gonna take one down there we go and just be careful you don't poke yourself you are working with a lot of wire here in a long length and sometimes that can be difficult but there we go okay so I have my three coils whoops I actually was right I needed to bend another one so I'm just gonna slip that right back on not losing that sheet and bend it around there we go so now I'm just gonna straighten up my coils there make sure they're nice and even okay so I have my long piece on on this end here and then I have my tail end over here so what I'm gonna do so I'm gonna shorten up my tail a little bit just by working my fingers around because I don't need that much okay so now I'm going to take my chain nose pliers and just make a nice sharp 90-degree Bend just like that and now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to wrap around my wire once and twice just like that now this is your opportunity to again just make sure that your wire is nice and smooth going all the way around so you don't have one wire that's really long so now I'm going to take my chain nose pliers again and I'm just going to sort of give it a nice little kink in take one of my gemstone beads and thread it on and now I'm going to be moving to the other side making another sharp King and wrapping it around once and twice and now what I'm going to do with this tail here is I'm going to try to show you the back here so I have it coming from this side so now I'm just going to wrap it around the back and just wrap it again and twice and now I've come back to my original side and now I'm just going to wrap it one more time and just for extra security wrap it once more okay so that's how you do that version and now all you're gonna do is you're gonna leave just a tiny tail and you're gonna clip your wire and this is where you're gonna take your wire rounder tool go ahead and slip it in there and give it a nice twist because you don't want this bird to catch on sweater or a shirt or even on your skin you don't want that it will not feel very good just do that there we go nice and smooth and then just take your chain nose pliers and just sort of Bend that in so it's nice and smooth and flush so there it's not gonna catch on anything now so now we have our tail coming out this side so what we're gonna do and I'm going to show you how to do this is for my three gemstone vocals you're just gonna kind of eyeball where you want them to be on your bracelet here because there's no you can you can measure you know if you wanted measure like an inch and a half outside here but I just kind of like to visually do it so kind of that looks about even so I can kind of eyeball two here so I've kept my wire coming around here I'm going to take my chain nose pliers again and make that same kink bending it upwards now you are working with a longer length of wire here so you will need to be careful kind of getting it through the loop and this is where it might kink just a little bit so you're gonna wrap it once and twice and now we're going to kink our wire one more time and getting to the end here going to take our gemstone and thread it on there we go all the way to the end and now we're going to wrap it around this side once and twice and now I'm going to show you the same technique again so what you're going to do is you're going to wrap around one and a half times make a loop on this side and make another loop on this side and now you're going to wrap again and back around and make another loop my wires getting caught in my tools over there and wrap it around and now from here you're good to just carry on to the other side of the bracelet here so now I'm going to show you the other technique and it's very similar but you just wrap to your point here which is just about right take your chain nose pliers make that 90-degree kink one more time and for this one I'm going to wrap four times two three and four and my coils are a little far apart so I'm just gonna take my chain nose pliers and just squeeze those together make them look nice nice and tight in uniform there so now just kink your wire one more time thread on that last gemstone if you're having trouble getting your gemstone on your wire it might just mean that you need to just use your wire straightening tool because it makes it a little bit easier to slide on okay so there we go and kink that give it a little give it a little help there and now I'm just going to continue wrapping and wrap it around four times three and four there we go clip my wire leaving that little tiny tail using my wire around her tool there we go and just get that nice and smooth down check it there we go looks good and just use my chain nose pliers and bend it in and that is the sort of cleaner version you know without the additional wire wrapping now sometimes a little depend on the gemstone you want to use or the look you're going for but there's two different ways to complete these and I just wanted to make sure that I got to both of them in this video for you so any questions leave them in the comments below and I hope you enjoyed this video again you can find all of these supplies and projects at you

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