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Hi, this is Kat with beadaholique.com so you can actually purchase all of these from our website and what you'll get is you'll get your spool of wire you're coordinating beads and you'll be able to make a set of three bangles so just to kind of give you a quick overview of the kits that we have here we have a beautiful silver and blue chalcedony we have gold with amethyst we have a gold with rose quartz we also have the gold with clear quartz and these are actually turquoise acrylic beads so they have a nice kind of cool finish to them and these are going to be a little bit different I'll explain how those work in a minute and then we also have these beautiful lightweight clear crystal acrylic beads as well and that's going to be unfold so I'm going to show you how to make that in this video so let's get started so when you get your exclusive kit again you'll get the 20 gauge wire and you'll actually get six yards and you'll be completing three bracelets so you'll need about two yards per bracelet you'll get your nine beads and then you'll also need a pair of chain nose pliers and a pair of flush cutters and a round mandrel or other item to help you size your bracelet so I've already gone ahead and made a little coil here of my for myself I have about two yards of wire and I'm just going to go ahead and get some of this out of the way before I begin so first I'm going to take my mandrel and I'm actually just going to kind of place it in that coil and this way I can just sort of take my wire and just wrap it around without getting any extra kinks in there and you're going to want to do three raps leaving a tail of about a foot or so all right so now you just remove your mandrel and I'm going to want that third coil there so just go ahead and Bend that in and now what you're going to do is just kind of work that together with your fingers making sure they're all nice and even and if you need to sort of adjust the size you can do so now you can try to put your hand through there or you can adjust it again on your mandrel so now I have my tail coming out here and my longer tail down on the table here so what I'm going to do first is I'm going to take my chain nose pliers and go ahead and give it a nice 90-degree kink just like that so now I'm just going to wrap it around that triple coil there and I'm going to wrap once and twice take your chain nose pliers and just sort of pinch that together a little bit because it will kind of end up looking a little bit more like that one coil there so you have it coming out this way and sort of wrapped to hold that in place I'm going to go ahead and wrap one more time and then I'm going to make it nice and tight like so so now I'm going to go ahead and take my first bead and just go ahead and string that on and you're going to just want to kind of bend it down so that it's flush with the bangle hold it with your thumb there and again just take your chain nose plier and kind of just bend it in and you're going to want to put the tail down through and wrap once and twice and now what you're going to want to do is sort of take your pliers again and just kind of bend that in a little bit and you're going to wrap around that bead about two times coming back to that edge there and now let me just flip it around so you can see I'm going to wrap one more time over and one more time over go ahead and pinch that little coil there together so it's nice and tight and then I'm going to take my flush cutters and cut and then take that tail and bend it in with my chain nose pliers there I'm going to want to make sure you do this step just to make sure that it doesn't poke you okay so now I have my first one on there and now I get to move on to my second bead however if you have purchased the turquoise kit you'll notice that we only have one bead on this one because it's such a large beautiful focal so you you would end here and you'll notice that I have a few wraps on each side here and on this one I did a few more just to give it a little extra security you'll have plenty of wire with this one because you won't be moving on to the other two stones so feel free to add as many wraps as you'd like to make it a little more decorative for yourself so back to my acrylic here what you're going to want to do is just sort of set that on the table for a moment take your two next beads and sort of eyeball where you want them to be you're going to want to make them in that triangle sort of even okay that looks about right so I know that I have this tail of wire so I need to come to about here so I'm going to go ahead and carefully pick that up and make sure that I get my wire here I'm going to just flip it over so make it a little easier for myself take your chain nose plier one more time same technique you're just going to bend that up now at this one you're going to have a little bit of a longer tail to get through so just be patient with your wire wrapping just go ahead and wrap down once and wrap one more time and I'm going to go ahead and wrap that third time there and after this third time we're going to make that other little sort of kink there and add our bead on to the tail and go ahead and slide it all the way down that wire there we go and again just sort of Bend that in to the wire and holding it with your thumb you're going to want to bend your wire through and do two wraps and again bring it to the back side just want to get that nice little kink there so it's nice and even so you're going to wrap it around once and twice and back to that next side there and what you're going to do is you're just going to wrap one more time all the way around and now when it's coming to the back you're just going to want to sort of place it along the back of that bangle there and before you move on just take your chain nose pliers and just give that a little squinch just to tighten that up just a little bit so now I'm going to move on to that third bead so you're going to move to where your next bead is going to be and you're going to wrap once and twice and I'm going to do one more wrap on this one you can sort of judge how you want to do it you can do two or three but then go ahead and make that kink again with your chain nose pliers and we're going to thread on our last bead and again I want to make that rap there we go making sure it's nice and flush with that bangle once and twice and coming around to the back on that third one and making that wrap going around twice and now finishing off and making sure this is nice and solid I'm going to do just extra couple wraps because this will be the very end of the tail and go ahead and take your flush cutters and just sort of scrunch that together there and you are all set you have made one complete bangle and you'll just repeat this step to make the other two you'll be able to make three bangles with each of our sets here you'll notice I have a little bit of extra wire here and that's just because I made this a little bit small but just to let you know you will be able to make at least an 8-inch bangle if not more depending on how much you want to do wire wrapping and how tight you want that to be I hope you enjoyed learning how to make these exclusive kits and you can find all of these and more at beadaholique.com you

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