How to Make the Wrapped Tassel Bracelet Kit

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make the Wrapped Tassel Bracelet, an exclusive kit from Beadaholique. You will learn how to attach a magnetic clasp, string the beads, finish the piece and make a tassel. Techniques taught include how to crimp a crimp tube, basic stringing, how to open a jump ring, and how to make a tassel.
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Hi, this is Julie with a slip kit which is an exclusive kit from and eat ale is finished off with a very nice tassel a magnetic clasp and then what's extra nice about this is it can be a wrapped bracelet or you can wear it as a necklace it's got these really pretty bar beads in between the colored seed beads when you purchase this kit you're going to get all the supplies you need to make this bracelet in terms of findings you're going to get several different things for this kit you're going to get an open jump ring a magnetic clasp to crimp tubes and to crimp covers you'll notice the crimp tubes are silver and the crimp covers are gold so the covers are going to make it so that all your findings match you're going to get Bar beads a nice assortment of them as well as a colored seed bead two lengths of pre-cut beading wire they're 30 inches long each and a whole spool of pearl cotton to match the color of your seed bead what's nice about this is you're going to be able to make a lot of extra tassels to use with other projects with all the leftover cotton now tools don't come with the kit itself it's just a supplies but the tools that are needed are very common tools for jewelry making ones that you probably already have like just a standard pair of scissors a pair of cutters a standard crimping plier and a couple pairs of chain nose pliers or if you have a round nose and a chain nose whatever you can use to open up that jump ring and then you'll just need a ruler so let's start to actually make this kit and I'm going to put the ruler aside for now and we'll bring it back later so begin by opening up your packets of beading wire and stretching them out just use your fingers if they're a little bit tangled you don't want to pull too tightly on them but you just want to loosely undo them so this is a stringing project and that we're using the beading wire with beads crimp tubes but we're actually going to be stringing both wires at the same time so to start what we're going to do is we're going to anchor the wires together so I've lined up the ends of the beading wire and I'm going to thread them through a crimp tube now I'm going to separate out my clasp so I just have one half of the magnetic clasp thread both ends of the beading wire through the little loop on the clasp I'm going to have a couple about an inch or so on the end there I don't need too much I just need enough to loop it back around and down through that crimp tube and again I want both beading wires to go into the crimp tube now if you're having troubles getting both to go in helps to just hold them right near their tips and then push them through so they come out the other end okay so we've got four wires now so we got the two ends and then the two long strands and we're going to scoot that crimp tube up towards the clasp we don't need it to be super tight up there we want a little bit of room so that clasp can move around and then we're going to take our crimping pliers if you're not familiar with crimping pliers I'm going to hold them against this white here so you can see that it has two notches one is crescent shaped like a bean and another is more oval shape we're going to start by squishing the crimp tube in the one closest to the handle which is crescent shape and then we're going to go ahead and make the crimp tube nice and neat and tidy with the oval one so here we go so we're going to put it in that back notch this could be a little challenging because you can see the magnetic clasp is a actually sticking to the crimping pliers just be patient with it and we want it to go into that back section okay so while I'm holding it so you can see it's resting in there I'm going to try scoot it a little closer just so that is nice and snug but not too tight and squeeze okay so what we did is we now made the crimp tube into that crescent shape now we're going to take our pliers and we're going to line it up so that we squish that crescent together so we're folding it over so I'm holding it in there so standing upright and I'm just going to squish and I'm I'm pressing pretty hard because I want that to be really secure that's what's going to keep our beads on the strands so we made it a nice fold over we could go ahead and set this down for a minute because I want to take the seed beads out of the tube and lay a bunch on the table to work with so we're going to start by stringing one gold bar you can see that these have two holes which is perfect for this double string method and what I want you to do is first before you put any bar bead on here separate out your strands because you don't want these to be all tangled down at the end what would happen is you put your bar on and then you'd have to take it back off to untangle your strands so go ahead and just make sure that these are separated out and just to get started go ahead and take one bar bead and go through one hole slide it down make sure it goes through both the strands that are sticking out that in so the little tail end one and then the long one and then grab this other strand and feed it through that second hole okay we want to do that for that other end as well some people like to trim the end of their beading wire right after the crimp tube you can do that as well I find this a little bit more secure to do it this way just have a little bit more length there but either way works fine so we're going to go ahead and pull that bar down so that's a really nice separator for our two strands now to do the other strands we're going to go ahead find the ends of our wire and this should be the same length and we're going to put a seed bead on each of them followed by a bar bead followed by a seed bead again one on each strand and I'm going to scoot these guys down ok so again just at the beginning here I want to make sure they go through both of the strands on each end seems like a little bit of extra work I know but I like to be extra cautious scoot that Barbie down and then the seed beads and those are nice and secure you can see how we're starting to our have our pattern materialized here we picked up the other end of our magnetic clasp these magnetic clasps will roll around they like to stick to everything alright we're going to string a few more again go to the end of your beading wires you want to make sure that you keep them straight so you don't want them criss crossing then on to the end let's see we left off with seed beads so now we're going to add a bar bead followed by a seed bead on each followed by another bar bead and another seed bead and you probably get the idea of what we're doing at this point I'm going to add one more bar bead I'm going to scoot these down I'm going to trim the end so that I don't have to do the double wire thing at the base because I want that to be done with let me just scoot these down and with these guys what I'm going to do is I'm not going to worry about the wire ends I just want them to go flat scoot them all the way down and now I'm just going to trim those wire ends right up by the bead okay they're done and now I'm going to continue string until I have 22 inches or what you can also do is you can string and then measure it against your own wrist to see how long you want it to be so go ahead and wrap it around your wrist as you're actually doing the beading so I'm just going to continue with this pattern of Barbee to seed beads Barbee to seed beads on and on until I have 22 inches done and then what I will do is I'll come back and I'll show you how to finish the other side and also how to make the tassel as you can see here we've got quite a bit of the beading done this took me about a half an hour just to give you some idea of the timeframe I'm going to add a few more to the end here just make it a little bit longer and then we're going to go ahead and finish off this end the same way we did the other one so I left off with a bar again I'm just going to add a seed bead to each strand a bar a seed bead and you can decide if you want to end with a seed bead or a bar doesn't really matter I'm going to end with a seed bead on this one just to show you how to do it with something a little different than what we started with so here we go now we're going to go ahead take our strands together this time put on that last crimp tube make sure that both of the wires go through the tube and then also the other half of your magnetic clasp and just like you saw in the beginning of the video we are going to have it where the pliers are going to stick to this a little bit but that's okay okay so we're going to feed both ends so we've got the crimp tube we got the loop from the magnetic clasp we're wrapping our wires back around and going down through that crimp tube again having them come out so you can see there's those two ends so you want to pull this down before you pull it too tight what I actually want you to do is I want you to just take these wires and string one down the inside of a few beads again we'll just string it through a few of the adjacent beads to the actual crimp tube just a little bit more secure same thing with the other side there we go just pull it so now at this point we want to lay out our piece make sure all the beads are nice and tight there's no big gaps and then start pulling these wires down very gently and very slowly you can see what's happening okay keep pulling now you don't want it to be too tight because you want this to be nice and flexible when it's done so you don't want it to be too stiff but I'm going to lay it here on the white so you can see what's happening there we go I'm comfortable with that tension I like that I like it so I can still move it I'm ready to crimp my crimp tube oh just a little little bit more want that loop a little smaller up towards the clasp there we go so I'm just going to scoot it with my fingers there we go and remember we have that crimp bead cover which is going to take up a little space to there we go so I'm going to take my crimping pliers again they are going to stick a little we want it to be into that top notch I'm going to try a little something here that might help secure that magnetic clasp together so I can actually hold this one out and that is actually very full so I've got it in that notch that's closest to the handles and right now I'm going to pull these wires down a little bit more because I got a little bit loose when I was doing that I'm going to crimp it going ahead and squeezing so I'm making that little crescent shape and then I'm going to go ahead and sandwich it and fold it over with the notch that's furthest away from the handle so I'm just grabbing it right in there and squeezing and that is now finished off and very secure before I go any further I'm going to take my chain nose pliers pick up that other crimp bead cover go ahead put it over the crimp tube and let me get my fingers out of the way so you can see what I'm doing squeeze it shut so it makes it like a nice bead on the end there now I'll take my cutters and trim off my tails and we have finished the actual bracelet itself all we have to do now is add the tassel and we have to make the tassel first so this is pearl cotton is very soft very flexible and we want to make a tassel out of it and we're going to do that using the pearl cotton pair of scissors and an open jump ring so let me go ahead and scoot all these other pieces aside and we are going to want to cut about five feet of the pearl cotton and you can just rough it it doesn't have to be exact so that's about two three four five you get a lot of this in your kit and you have all this leftover now so to make a tassel we're gonna take the pearl cotton and I'm holding it with my right here to anchor it we're going to wrap it around our hand very simple to do you're going to find you're going to want to add tassels to everything after you learn how to do this okay I'm just wrapping and wrapping if you find if you want to think or task little cut more if you want a thinner tassel cut less so I've just made a nice loop now slide it off of my hand and I'm going to flatten it I'm going to take this end so that was just the loop take that end and I'm going to feed it through my jump ring I want to try to get all of it through so I'm just going to twist it a little bit there we go so that jump ring is now going to go and slide down to the middle then I set this down for just a moment then I cut another length of the pearl cotton about a foot so now when I fold this over just like that I am going to now take this other length wrap it around the top a few times and now just tie a knot with my two ends a little tricky so you might wish you had a third hand but it works I pull that tight and now we're going to knot it a couple more times just so that it's really nice and secure so what I like to do is at this point instead of trimming it really close I like to just make my ends be part of the tassel itself okay so now you can go ahead and trim your tassel to the desired length you can make it really short to make it long whatever you want to do I'm going to first cut these loops I like to just pull it down okay and now I'm going to trim it and there I have a tassel so we need to attach the tassel to the bracelet so you could do this at several spots you can do it on the loop to the magnetic clasp but if you do it there it might get in the way when you're trying to open and close it so I'm going to attach it right here where there's that little gap of the beading wire to do so this is an open jump ring so we need to open it we're going to take one of our chain nose pliers and put it on the right side of that slit or the open loop we're going to take our other chain nose plier put it on the other side we're just going to open it slightly we don't have to open it too wide a little bit wider than that I don't want that cotton-top pulling off so I'm going to hold my bracelet loop it into that gap of the beading wire there we go and now just close it and make sure you have it closed well that's lining up there we are done so we have made our wrapped tassel bracelet and I can loop this around so you can see what the finished piece looks like just a reminder it does come in these other colors as well we've got a turquoise a pink a purple and a black and all of these are available along with many other exclusive kits at beadaholique you

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