How to Bead Weave a Pendant with the Toho Demi Rounds and 2-Hole Honeycomb Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to make a quick and easy pendant using the Toho Demi Rounds and 2-Hole Honeycomb Beads. This pendant can be hung from a necklace or made into a beautiful pair of earrings.
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Hi, this is Kat with we're also going to be using the two whole honeycomb beads and some other Toho's as well so I just want to do a quick little sort of show-and-tell for you here about what I mean when I say the demi rounds so this is an eight-oh Toho bead right here just put that on my needle for you and this is an 1100 Toho bead so you see just the size difference there now this is an 11 Oh Demi round so if you can kind of see there I know they're really small but the Demi round eleven o is about half the width of a regular Toho so that is sort of what they mean when they say Demming around so that's just what we're going to be using today and you're going to get a chance to see those in action so I just let you know for this project I have the same color here this is the matte color iris teal and I have again the 8 OS the 11 oz and the Demi round 11 O's and then I also have the gold luster - amethyst and in this color I'm only going to need the 8 OS and the 11 Oh Demi rounds I have my size twelve beading needle here with my fireline I also have a secondary needle and I'll show you what that's for in just a moment I have a pair of pliers and my trusty thread zap to help me towards the end now as you can see in my two projects that I've done here one I made into an earring and the other I made into a pendant same technique just a different application but today I'm going to show you how to make the matching necklace for this earring here so we're going to go ahead and get started okay so first of all we're just going to pick up our honeycomb beads here and we're going to pick up one of the Demi rounds in the amethyst and we're just going to alternate until I have all of my honeycombs on there just keep sliding them down and last honeycomb and one more of the deme so I'm gonna slide that all the way down towards the end of my thread and you'll need about a six to eight inch tail there and now I'm just gonna take that and I'm gonna tie one knot and pull that pretty snug and I'm just gonna double knot that for myself and just make sure that knot goes in the right spot there we go alright so this is my first sort of base unit now just from my own cleaning it up I'm gonna take that second needle and I'm already gonna weave in this tail because I don't want it to sort of keep getting caught and get in my way it'll just make your life a whole whole lot easier if you just take this step in the beginning usually we do this at the end so you know just sort of tie off all your threads at once but it's really just a preference so I'm just going through a couple of beads here just sort of winding it around and now I'm just gonna do just a little quick knot and tie that tight go a couple more beads over and do one more little knot so it'll be nice and secure there we go and get my needle in there a couple more beads over there we go so now I can remove that needle and I'm just gonna take my thread zap and just go ahead and tap off that tail there we go alright so now I have my first unit ready to go and my thread coming out the side so all we're gonna do is we're just gonna turn our thread around and we're going to go back through that honeycomb bead right there so you're just going to create a little thread bridge and now for myself because I'm I'm right-handed I'm just going to flip my work over so now I'm working this way so now what we're going to do is we're going to pick up two of the deme rounds in the teal color and one of the eight Oh in the amethyst and then two more of the teal deme round and I'm just going to go into that second hole and I'm just going to do this all the way around so again just two of the teal deme rounds one of the eight Oh amethyst and two of the teal deme rounds and just go all the way around and last one here okay now I'm gonna go and I'm actually going to go all the way through that whole next unit just to start clean on the next one just like so actually I'm just gonna go cuz I want to keep this nice and stiff I'm gonna go through that one more unit there okay so now I'm coming out a unit and I'm coming out that side hole right after the last demi round so now what I'm going to do is I'm going to pick up one of the amethyst Demi round and three of the 11 o Toho's and one more of that amethyst Demming around and I'm going to make a bridge over and go into my next unit all the way through just like so and you'll want to sort of make sure that Center one just sort of pops up a little bit as you'll see okay and you just repeat that all the way around one of your Demi amethyst Toho's three of the teal 1100 hoes and one of the Demi and the amethyst and you just want to go all the way around alright and for this last one I'm gonna go through that unit and my threads starting to double up just scoot my needle down go through that unit there and now I'm gonna come up and I'm going to exit that top Center 11 o toho and now in the deme Toho's I'm gonna pick up five of my amethyst four and five I'm going to pick up three of the teal and five of the amethyst let me just double check my numbers yeah and now I'm going to go from that Center 1100 ho to the next Center 1100 ho and just go all the way around just like so and again just five three four five and one two three one two three four and five and through that Center eleven oh so you can see this is just really easy you're just sort of working your way all the way around and just various different circles just sort of adding on different beads every time which makes it a nice and easy sort of quick project and what's nice is when you purchase the items to get the project you'll actually get a chance to make multiples so definitely have fun doing that as well and now we're going to just go back through and I'm gonna follow my thread path going all the way through this next unit here until I come out that's up there okay so now this is what my unit is looking like I just want to point that out and now the last thing I need to do is I'm just gonna add one teal 8'o toho in between each of those little gaps here so I'm just going to pick up one a toe and I'm going to take my needle and go all the way through my Demi rounds here making sure to catch each and every one I love working with the dummy rounds they provide a really nice slim sort of gap in between a lot of the beads that you might be working with where you you know you don't want to show a thread bridge so you want to have something there and the dummy rounds are really really useful for that so you just keep working your way all the way around making sure again to make sure you get each number one of those beads and you can have a lot of fun with this particular design we have a lot of colors of the deme rounds that you can match with the toe hose or you can you know mix it up and have different Toho colors with the different dummy rounds so this is my last eight oh so now all I have to do is I'm just going to go around and you can go around a third time if you like but I'm gonna go ahead and get my thread down back into my main bead weaving here so I'm coming out of that last Demi round and I'm just gonna go straight down into the main portion of my bead weaving and I'm gonna start to tie off my thread one more so I'm coming out that amethyst Toho bead right there and I'm just going to take my needle behind there so I can create that little loop put my needle through and pull tight and I'm gonna weave down through my honeycomb bead and just make one more a little less last not just for a little extra security and done all right and out one more time I take my needle off and I used about just so you know I used about a wingspan worth of thread and that is more than enough you probably only need about 2 to 3 feet there step off my thread so here is my pendant and as you can see in this one I made an earring so I just attached a jump ring and a earring hook but I have one of our nice finished chain necklaces here and for the earring you're probably going to only need one jump ring just the orientation of the hook and that's why but for my pendant here I'm gonna actually use two and these are five millimeter 20 gauge jump rings so I'm just gonna open one of them and doesn't matter you just pick which one you want but they slide really nicely through those eight O's and I'm just gonna close that up nice and flush and now I'm going to take my other jump ring open it up and you can choose either a specific link you want I like to have mine mobile so I'm just gonna hook it around the chain and around that jump ring close it up yeah all done so it's a nice little project and again one of the great things about purchasing these projects is that you'll be able to make multiples so you'll be able to make a necklace and earrings if you just want to purchase the earring hooks separately or what have you so I hope you enjoyed this video and these are featuring the Toho Demi rounds and you can find all of these supplies and much more at you

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