How to Make the Stacked Memory Wire Bracelet Kits by Beadaholique

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how to create the Stacked Memory Wire Bracelets from start to finish. These are Exclusive Beadaholique Kits which means that you will get all the materials needed to complete this design. You will need a pair of round nose pliers or a pair of memory wire finishing pliers to make the simple wire loops on the ends of the bracelet.
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Hi, this is Kat with and you can get all of these kits by shopping at but just to show you the five beautiful varieties we have here I'm gonna start over here now this is actually the one that we're gonna be making is you can see on my table here but this is why we call them stacked because if you look at the front they have really nice neat little stacks to them but they can kind of continue to go all the way around so you can see that they start to meet up with each other on the back there so we are going to create this really cool stacked look so this is a beautiful silver and teal kind of aqua color combination and then I love this one too this is gold so if you're more into gold we have this sort of green and pink version here with those beautiful natural wood beads and then this one is another gold version it has a beautiful blue and it's got some kind of amber and gold they're happening and again we see those white wood beads and then for some extra pop of color we created this lovely purple it's got some nice lavender and a little bit of green in there to sort of make it very floral and very fun for summer and the last one I have here is a beautiful bright orange and really loud pink and purple and I think this one is really fun I can picture some summer dresses with this one I think it'll be a really great one so once you choose your favorite they're all going to be the same pattern that I'm going to be teaching here and to do that we're going to be using some of the cube beads here and I have some seed beads we have our wood beads I also have some 8 millimeter beads and some four millimeter beads and the only other thing that you're going to get with your kit is going to be at that memory wire now this memory wire is perfectly cut so that you can fill up your memory wire with the pattern that I've provided here for you but if you do need to cut your memory wire please do not use flush cutters if you need to cut them you'll need to purchase memory wire cutters and they look like this and they're just a little bit stronger and they're going to help cut that memory wire because you can't use regular flush cutters you'll end up ruining your cutters and you you don't want to do that so we have the memory wire cutters here now the only two that you will absolutely need is either a round nosed pair of pliers like I have here or you can use the memory wire finishing pliers now this one is really neat because it has two noses so it has a 1.5 millimeter round and a three millimeter round and we're going to use this to make the little loops on the end so I'm actually going to show you how to use both of these in case you have one or the other but they both work just the same way it just depends on what you'd like to have alright so let's go ahead and I'm gonna begin with the round nose pliers here and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my memory wire and I'm gonna come to the very end and it doesn't matter which end you start on it's gonna kind of flip around and be the same either way so just go to one end and I'm gonna take my round nose plier just at the very tip there and I'm just gonna kind of bend it in ever so slightly and just I'm just kind of rolling it in to make a little simple wire loop at the end of my memory wear just like that because when I put my beads on it's gonna stop them right there for me okay so now I can set those aside so we are ready to begin stringing so go ahead and find that other side of the memory wire there there we go and you can see that it does keep its shape it's very springy I just want to pick up that other side there we go alright so we're gonna start by doing the pattern of the wood beads and the seed beads so go ahead and start stringing on so we're gonna do 23 wood beads and 21 seed beads so we're gonna start and end with a wood bead so and I'm just alternating the two right at the top here so again we're gonna do 23 of the wood beads and 21 of the seed beads okay so I'm just adding on my last ones here and 23 alright so now you can kind of wiggle that down and just sort of coil it down so it sits there at the bottom I'm just gonna kind of loop it around there we go and they'll get down there to the bottom so you don't have to worry about getting it all the way down there alright so now our next step is we're going to be adding our four millimeter beads here so let me kind of move my eights out of the way so now we're gonna do 38 of our four millimeter beads and we're just gonna string these on without any seed beads in between so again we're doing 38 of our four millimeter beads alright so I'm adding on my 38th bead and again we're gonna kind of do the same thing these ones are a little bit tighter on the memory wire so I'm just kind of feeding it around through just to push it down a little bit and I'm gonna actually move all of this down to the end now of course you can follow along with the pattern that we have if you want you'll have beads and you know you can really just choose your own pattern if that's really what you want to do but we're just providing just a very great little stacked type of pattern and how to do that here with our counts but if you feel that you want to do something else you'll have all these pretty beads so go for it whatever you're feeling you want to do alright so that's all the way down to the end in there so now for a little bit of dimension what we're gonna do is we're gonna add on some of these great cube beads and if you look here you can see that there's a nice little mix there are some sort of that are clear some that are a little bit more white I have some gunmetal and some silver in here so all we're gonna do is just pick them up in whatever pattern you like the only thing I like to try to be aware of is to not put two of the same right next to each other so you can sort of see as I add on a few here then it's gonna be just a fun little pattern just kind of burying them up there's some cool ones that have a little core to them just to give kind of that little extra sparkle and we're gonna be adding 45 of the cube beads so once you've done that we'll move on to the next step alright so just adding on one more here for 45 and we're gonna do that same little technique of just kind of scooting him down there these ones definitely glide a little bit easier I love using the cube beads they just add a little bit of dimension to it you can just see what's starting to develop to develop there for us alright so now we're gonna move on and we're gonna use some larger beads and we're going to go on to the eight millimeter beads now for these we're gonna add only 20 because they are so big so we're going to do 20 of our 8 millimeter beads adding on our 20th bead hand same thing these guys are gonna slide down there pretty easily as well all right escapes that down all right perfect so now what we're gonna do is we're gonna add on 35 of our wood beads and we're gonna do this without adding any seed beads in between so just a straight row of just 35 of the wood beads and that's gonna go all the way around all right adding on our 35th bead and again just stirring in that all the way down just kind of coiling it all right so now what you're seeing is you're seeing that I have a little bit less than a half excuse me a little bit less than a full so what we're gonna do now is we're just gonna fill up whatever space we have left with our seed beads and this is going to kind of complete that final coil but we want to leave about about a half an inch or so quarter to a half an inch left on the wire so we're just gonna see how many you can pick up sometimes it's about you know 40 to 50 but as you can see you're gonna have plenty of beads here so we're just gonna have you fill it up now this is what I was saying earlier way if you wanted to trim this at any point you're gonna need those memory wire cutters but we've given you the beads that will go all the way around and as you can already see on my table here you do have a few beads left over so if you did want to extend the row or sort of play with a different pattern we absolutely encourage you to do that you're gonna get everything you see here so if you're feeling that you want to add in some more seed beads or add a couple wood beads here and there add on a few more of those eight millimeters you can absolutely do that so you'll have the opportunity to play with those all right so just kind of making sure that everything is nice and tight there towards the bottom as well you just want to keep scooching everything down now that we're really getting to the end we want to make sure that we have good tension that we don't have sort of loose beads when we go to finish this off and again this is the same pattern for each of those colorways so no matter what you've chosen there when I'm talking about seed beads cube beads eight millimeters it will just coordinate to your specific color that you're working with and of course you can get all of these at and this free tutorial video will be here to guide you you'll also receive written instructions as well if you're somewhere where you can't be watching the video so we want to give that to you as well as a little added value so we want to make sure that you can enjoy these kits also if you do want to give these as a gift they make wonderful gifts as well all right so I'm nearing the end here and I think that's about as much as I want to do just like that okay so you can see how much I have it's about a little bit less than the width of my pinky there so now I'm going to show you how to use the memory wire finishing pliers now you can use the 1.5 million if you want a really tiny loop or you can use the 3 millimeter so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come in and I'm gonna use the 3 millimeter loop because I really want you to be able to see this all I'm gonna do is I'm going to sort of place it in the pliers and we're gonna do that same motion sort of bringing that in and just now I'm gonna just switch it so I can just bend it in there we go and I have my little loop on that side as well so here is our style now you're probably looking at the back going oh it doesn't line up don't worry about that because when you wear the memory wire it might expand a little bit that's sort of the beautiful thing about this because we get a lot of questions as to what size fits a memory wire bracelet so let me go ahead and put this on so you guys can kind of see how this is gonna look and you can see that it keeps that nice little stacked look on top but it doesn't really matter because sometimes like my race is a little bit bigger so you can actually see that it sort of goes to one side but you still have that nice stack to section so there you have the stacked memory wire bracelet kids buy beadaholique you can of course get everything you've seen here all these kits and these beautiful tools by heading over to and if you're new to our YouTube channel be sure to hit that subscribe button below

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