How to Bead Weave the Dahlia Earrings with 2-Hole Chilli Beads

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Beginner
Learn how to bead weave a pretty focal piece using Czech Glass 2-Hole Chilli beads, SuperDuo beads, and Swarovski pearls. This is a great beginner bead weaving project that can easily be turned into a pair of earrings or a pendant.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with eater bead so this project is actually pretty quick and easy and it doesn't require that many beads which is another nice advantage of it so here in this example I've actually turned into a pendant and just hung it from a premade chain and then the one I'm going to do here in the video is going to be an earring what you'll need for this project are chili beads now I wanted to show you them in a different color because it might be a little easier to see the whole orientation if I pull this back here you see that they have really a cupped appearance and they have two holes so we're going to definitely be utilizing those two holes to create our design so you're going to need eight chili beads you're going to need four beads that are size six millimeter and I have some Swarovski pearls here in this example I used some faceted hematite that was a metallic gold coated so really you can choose whatever six millimeter beads you want your they also going to need four four millimeter beads again I'm using Swarovski pearls and you're going to need seven super duo so not a lot of super duo's but they really do help with this design again utilizing their two holes in terms of your thread I'm using fireline point zero zero five and I've already strung 30 inches on to my size twelve beading needle for tools you're going to need two pairs of chain nose pliers and a pair of scissors and then if you're turning it into an earring you'll need earring hook and a four millimeter 22 gauge jump ring alright let me clear some of these aside and you can see again not too many beads which is nice you can make a lot of these we're going to start by placing a stopper bead onto our thread so I just picked up a random bead I'm gonna pull it down to about ten inches from my tail and I'm just going to loop back through it like so and we can easily move that stopper bead around so go ahead and pick up one chilly bead via the hole closest to the base then pick up a pearl or whatever four millimeter bead you're using another chilly bead and this time you want it to be cupping the pearl in the opposite direction so here we've got two chili beads cupping the Pearl so we're going to repeat that three more times so we have a total of four clusters so chili bean cupping the Pearl and another chili bead always going through that hole closest to the end great so we've got all of our base row beads on and this is what we have and at this point we're just gonna pull off that stopper bead and we're going to take our thread and we're going to loop it around and tie a knot so we're gonna make a circle here go ahead and leave your needle still on your thread so pull it around tie a knot and you can see we've already really made that base shape so now let's tie a surgeon's knot so you can go through it twice and pull and pull snug and tie another knot just for good measure and now we're going to leave this tail as it is because at the very end we're going to weave it in and tie a few more knots to be really make sure that we're really secure so now you're going to take advantage of the fact that you have two holes so it's exiting the bottom hole here so this is where it's coming out we're gonna loop the thread and make it's just a little thread bridge so now we're going up through the second hole so we're just really jumping up I'll show you that here on the table so it's just a little thread bridge along the side of the Chile bead now we're going to pick up our six millimeter bead and we're just going to go across to the second hole of the next Chile bead and now we need to pick up a super duo and it does not matter which hole you go through and now just go over to the second hole of the next chilli bead and we're just going to go around in this exact same pattern until we end up back where we started so now we need another pearl and another super duo and another pearl another super to our last pearl and another super do okay so I am coming out that second hole and now what I want to do I've made my complete round but I want to go back through this pearl and the chilli bead next to it pull tight make sure your round is really nice and secure and we're going to go back through the super duo and at this point we're going to make this little diamond shape so that we can hang our earring hook from it so what you could do you could actually end it at this point if you didn't want this and just put your jump ring through the top hole of the super duo right here or I do want to show you how to make that little essentially a little bead woven bail so what we're going to do is we're going to take our needle place onto it one more super duo and then let me try to do this on the table so you can see it really clearly okay so we've added another superdude we're going to add one more and pull it down now we want to go up through the second hole of that super duo that we just strung on and pull it nice and tight down towards the other ones which are already strong we're going to pick up our very last super duo and go through the second hole of that super duo on the other side and it just made that really nice diamond shape so to help it be a little bit more secure you'll see where the holes are and then go through the top hole of the last super duo is strung on there just makes a little thread bridge and then on the other side we're going to do the same thing we're going to go through all of the holes right there so create a little thread bridge on the other side and we're going to do the same thing down here put it on the table again can be a little hard to pass through all of these at once so if you can only get through to just go through to pull your needle through and then make sure you go through that third one now we're going to go back down through the first hole on the first super duo and we're also going to go through the chilli bead and that is a really nice secure little bail and now again just for good measure I do want to go through the pearl and another chilli and then I may go through a super deal again and I'm just retracing my path here I'm not doing any actual additional bead weaving or adding of any thread bridges or anything like that I'm just retracing my steps now I want to tie a knot and I find the area in which I can tie the most discreet knot is between the chili bead and the big pearl so I'm going to pass my needle under make a little loop pass my needle through it and pull and repeat this time passing my needle through that loop twice and pulling down and then going through my pearl and that hides the knot inside the barrel it'll work my way to the next pearl and repeat and just work my thread in a little bit pull and then I feel like I can trim off this tail at this point and go back put my needle on my original tail that's why you left it about eight inches long I'm just going to do the same thing here so now I'm on essentially the bottom row because I was working with the two whole chili beads so the first one was up on this top row and now I'm back to the base row a lot this one I want to go through it a couple times pull it down pull tight and we already nodded this one to begin with so it did have one not to start so I'm not going to do too many additional knots and I'm just gonna trim off that tail and now we're gonna add our earring hook so to do this I'm using this little jump ring and this is something I like to do when I'm doing a lot of bead weaving for myself is I love it when I could put a jump ring through a hole of a bead it makes it really nice and secure so I'm just going to put the jump ring through that hole add the earring hook and close it up and we have a finished earring so here's our matched pair of earrings and then like I mentioned earlier you could also make it into a pendant if you wanted to same technique I just put the jump ring through the super duo and then I hung it on a premade chain I hope you enjoyed this project it was pretty quick and easy if you want to find other projects and tutorials using different two whole beads please check out we have a lot of projects and free videos showing you how to make them you

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