How to Make the Orleans Bracelet featuring the Czech Glass ZoliDuo 2-Hole Curved Drop Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you'll see how to construct this bracelet from start to finish. This design features ZoliDuo Beads, Arcos Par Puca Beads and Es-O Beads, in a blossoming floral pattern. Complete this bead woven design with an easy to wear magnetic clasp.
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Hi, this is Kat with i colorways here so we're gonna be doing a color variation for this video and this uses the Zahle duos which are these beautiful purple and teal the Archos part puka which are these little sort of crescent-shaped and the Esso beads and that's e as - oh so these are actually really fun so we're utilizing a lot of the multi whole beads so if this is a little bit more of an advanced technique so if you're not used to working with these just yet go ahead and check out some of our other videos first it'll give you a really lovely introduction into using multi whole beads so this is gonna work up nice and easy actually we're gonna be creating little units and then sort of going back and forth but the reason i do say that this is a little bit more of an advanced technique is because the way they fit together can be a little difficult if you haven't worked with something like this before okay so let's talk a little bit about the zahle duos so za leaders are these two whole beads here and they have these little sort of curved teardrop or similar to like a paisley shape and what's really cool is that they actually come in a left and a right design so that you can create these little sort of nestled sort of floral paisley patterns so you can actually see that I sort of mocked up one of my little units here that we're going to be doing so these are really fun and they have a curved side on the front and on the back side they're actually flat so that's why there is a left and a right so very cool little beads and we're going to be working with those today now I just want to point out to you I did pull out a colorway that I'm gonna do here and you can see that it's going to be nice and gold and it's got the Bordeaux and this beautiful olive but we do have some other beautiful colors I just want to kind of point out to you real quick we have some other beautiful pastel alabaster's and then we have some jet and bronze colors that are gonna be really lovely and just some other sort of silver and pink and these ones are actually really neat they are etched on the top so they have a nice little sort of texture to them very cool to work with so we've actually been really enjoying this LED here and if you saw in another video I made this pair of earrings and this uses only one side of the solid ooze just as to create a nice little swirl pattern so really fun and just to kind of show you how the threads are gonna work I put a couple of those le duos onto some head pins here and I wanted to use the Reds that you really got a chance to see it through the back of the crystal so this is the front of the Solly duo and this is the back so really interesting they kind of go through the largest part of the curved teardrop and down again at that little tiny teardrop so we're gonna be working with those today alright so what you'll need is you'll need your four as all I do is I have the left and the right and the green and the left and the right and the purple that we're going to be using there I have s o beads and you can see for this colorway I'm going to be using the same color but in this one I did a completely different color we have the Archos part Puka beads which are actually three whole beads you can kind of see on the bottom curved portion there and we can flip it over and say that they have three holes so these are gonna help nestle some of our beads nicely and then I'm gonna be using some Toho deme rounds and some Toho eleven o's now these are both 11 o's but those demi rounds are really perfect because we're gonna have some little tiny spaces that I just want to fill up the gap for so that we don't see too much thread speaking of thread I'm gonna be using the fire line in the smoke color but I also pulled out today the fire line in the black satin just so you can kind of see them side-by-side so really quick this one here is that black satin and I recommend using the satin if you're gonna be using black beads but if you're just going to simply be using darker beads I recommend going with the smoke but of course there's always crystal fire line and that is what I use to create my original sort of silver colorway here because as you can tell I was using some white and silver beads alright so we're gonna use the smoke fire line here now if you want you can try to do this in all one piece of thread if not you can just tie off and weave in but I'm just gonna start with maybe about five feet or so I'm just gonna snip that off and simply thread my needle now this is a size twelve beading needle and the reason I'm using four pound thread is because we are going to be going through these beads several times so you want to make sure you don't want to break your thread but you also don't want to use something that's too thick because it's going to give you some troubles at the end all right so we are going to start here by using our s o beads now these might look kind of similar to a super duo they kind of have the same sort of style but they're a little bit more cylindrical on the side so they look a little bit more like an O alright so we're gonna pick one up here and slide it down until we have I'd say about 12 inches because when we're starting this we want to leave a nice long tail because that's what we're going to do - that's what we're going to use to attach our clasp alright so I have my 1 sob here and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go through the other direction here so I'm just kind of trapping that bead so you can see that I'm coming out at the top of that bead there okay alright so now I'm gonna pick up another sob and here's the thing with this guy's like I said it is a little bit more of an advanced technique but I don't want that to intimidate you but because of the nature of it it's gonna be a little bit wonky when we get started you're gonna see that I'm gonna kind of struggle a little bit but I'm gonna try to walk you through as best as I can alright so I just added on that second bead to the top there and what's gonna happen is I'm gonna again bridge over the top and kind of come down so what I'm doing is I'm essen in essence creating a little unit of 4 so I'm gonna pick up another bead that is gonna go and sit just to the side of it so I'm gonna try - okay so you can see where we're going now and the threads coming out the bottom there and now we're gonna add on one more sob to slide that down alright and this is gonna help to complete that unit of four so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to turn my thread around and I'm gonna go through this hole right here and I'm gonna catch the other two holes of the other two s o beads so I went all the way through all three and this is helping to create that little tight little unit there alright and you can see that once I get a chance to tighten it up alright there we go so this is the unit that we're looking for so I just went down and around and then up and over and then down and around and then up okay so now what we're gonna do is we're gonna go through and this is again why you want to use that four pound thread we're gonna go through this bead and we're gonna try to catch the second bead but not this bottom one here right where my nail is right there so we're just going through these two beads okay and pull that down and again give it a little tug we don't want it to be too snug but just snug enough all right so now I'm coming out from this bead right here so what we're gonna do is we're gonna turn our thread around one more time and we're gonna come up through that bead alright so this is your unit so far so if your thread it looks like this you've done it right if you have a little bit of trouble just make sure that you have your threads coming out the top of the outside holes there so whatever you need to do to kind of turn your thread around to get it to that point go ahead and do that alright so now we are ready to actually add our beads so what we're gonna do is we are going to add on a Arco speed and it's gonna sit right in there just like so so take it and go through the center of the Archos so that it comes just sit right there now it won't sit perfectly because we still haven't done our second thread bridge but this is where it should start okay alright so now we are going to pick up one our our little dummy round beads I'm gonna go ahead and slide that down sorry I'm trying to work really slowly so that you guys can see this really step-by-step all right so now what we're gonna do is I'm gonna kind of look at my little unit here that I want to pick up and you can sort of see from my example I'm just gonna kind of bring this into frame so that you guys can get it get a good look at this here we go so you can see that the purple beads line up with the purple beads here give or take so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna string on these four beads at the bottom going through their top hole okay and I'm gonna do this one by one so that I make sure that I'm getting it on the right side of the bead so you definitely want to go through and make sure that it is on the right okay I love how they look like little droplets they're so cute all right so that is sort of the bottom portion of our first piece here so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna pick up another Demi round and now we're gonna get another Arcos in there but he's gonna be facing the other way so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go through the center and face him going outwards okay so this is what your beadwork should look like at this stage alright so now what we're gonna do is we're gonna take our thread and we're gonna create another one of these little units now depending on how you start it this part can be just a little bit tricky alright so we're gonna pick up one eye so bead I'm gonna slide that down and now again the same thing I'm just gonna turn it around and this is where you want to try to like start to scooch it a little bit closer doesn't need to be too tight again alright and then I'm gonna pick up another one slide it down I know this is where I'm going to do the turnaround here okay so I just went up and over and then down and around and now I'm gonna pick up one more and this is the one that's going to sit on the side there and then I'm going to pick up another one and I'm going to slide that one down and now I'm going to go through this bead here only that first bead so that's why it took me a couple times to go through so I'm only going through that first bead there and sliding that all the way down all right oops and just gonna go back through I forgot to do the turn around at the top so that is what happened there all right so let's go back there we go so now I need to go back and catch that first turn around there I missed that all right and if you miss a step you'll know right away just like I did so you just go back and you retrace your step all right so now I'm coming out the bottom of that bead right there so what I want to do is I'm going to turn it around and this is where you want to kind of scooch everything together and I'm just kind of pulling the thread with my nail and just kind of scooching around all right so now here's what it looks like I have the thread that's going through but what's gonna stabilize my little unit here is actually going back through that center hole and back through that little Demi round okay so we're gonna pull through and now you can see and I'm gonna actually kind of spread this apart and I hope you can see so on that SOB I have one bead that goes down and in and one bead that goes up and in to that Arcos right there alright so now we are ready let me go ahead and put my work down alright so now you can see it's starting to curve a little bit which is which is what we want alright so now we are going to pick up the other four of our beads here so remember we just kind of set them up and you can double check before you add any new beads all right so now we're gonna go and pick up our beads and we're gonna slide that down all right so you can kind of see how that's coming together there all right so what we're gonna do is we're gonna take our thread now and we're gonna go out through this Demi round bead and we're gonna go up through the top hold that down and now what we're gonna do is we're gonna take our thread and we're gonna go through because we have our little thread they're going coming out at the bottom of that SOB so we want to go up and over just like we did on the other side so down here and now we're just gonna make sure that everything is in order there we go all right this is actually why I like this all I do is because it does have a front in the back so you can kind of take a take a moment to kind of flip everything around and just make sure that everything is nice and secure and exactly where you want it okay so this is our beadwork now so far so what's gonna help us stabilize everything is to add in the little beads in between all of those little Zelly Jose and that'll kind of keep them from shifting around all right so we're gonna do now is try to get my tail out of the way there we go all right so now our thread is coming from what should be the bottom of the sob there just double-check my work there we go all right so we're coming out of the bottom there so what we're gonna do is we are going to create a little thread bridge here and we're going to go up through the other hole and out this top one here all right I'm just gonna push my needle through and now what we're gonna do is we're gonna pick up one of our eleven Oh full seed beads not the dummy rounds now and we're gonna go through that first little hole right there on the Archos bead so this is going to kind of help to stabilize that section alright next we're gonna pick up there we go we're gonna pick up a demi around and we're gonna go through that first hole in that purple is ollie do-over that's right there we're gonna pick up another dummy around and we're gonna go through that green is le duo alright see how the nice little dummy rounds provide a little bit of space and now we're gonna pick up three fold 11 OC beads okay and we're gonna bridge that big gap between the two here there we go and you can kind of see that one of them sits up a little higher and that kind of gives it a nice little point there just a really nice little thing alright and then again with a dummy around going into that purple bead another dummy round going into the Arco speed alright and now from here what we're gonna do is take a full Toho and we're gonna go into this hole right here and we're gonna catch actually all three I can only catch two don't break your needle that's nuts now we're trying to do so we want to go into that top and then now I need to kind of get my little needle in there to go through that bottom hole there so if you can catch all three to go through that full little section right there go for it if not do what I did don't force it alright so now this is what we have so far so we have to repeat that going back the other way so I have the eleven oh and I'm gonna go into that Arcos and then I have a demi round it's gonna go into that first solid you all and here's where you can start to tighten up just a little bit don't pull too tight anyone to snap a needle or anything another dummy around right now and again we're gonna pick up 311 OC beads one more dummy round and another dummy around all right and now one more full seed bead and again going into that top one there and if you can go all the way down there we go so you can see I've caught all three little holes there and now I want to leave this tail on this side but what I want to do is I want to get it so that it were kind of coming out the other side so that we're ready to start the next unit so all I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna retrace my thread going all the way back here to get to that other side and this is again why you don't want to have too much tension because you won't be able to kind of weasel your needle through this because there's a lot of different angles happening in this piece but that is what gives it its nice little structure so you just kind of want to just go slow if you can catch one bead catch one bead if you can catch three catch three it's entirely up to you and again don't don't force it like you can see there I caught four and again we just want to kind of help out our little peak there and just kind of have him sit up nice and tall all right and then we're just gonna go down through okay I'm just don't like catching a couple all right so I'm getting towards this last little unit here so what I'm actually gonna do is I'm only gonna go through with this first bead I'm just kind of you can see I'm just kind of angling my needle backwards to kind of get it through there and then I'm gonna go up through the other side so what I'm doing is I'm creating a little thread bridge on the inside of my little unit and then you know what I think just I want to go back a step there we go I want to go all the way down if I can and take that back because I'm trying to get and this is where if you get lost just try to get your needle back to where you think you need to start so I'm going to show you where you're gonna want to end so if you get lost just get your needle back to this point so I needed my thread to come out this side so I had to go through all those one more time alright and the final step in a unit is to make sure that your thread is again coming out the bottom side just like so so that is one complete unit so all you do from here is just you pretend that when we started here just go back and then you'll start by of course adding on your Arcos and then you're gonna add the bottom unit the other Arcos the top unit work your way back through and add the little embellishments of the sea beads and then work your way back to this point and that is how you do every single little unit so it's really not that bad it is a lot of little steps but I just love the way it is turning out so far so what I'm gonna do off-camera is I'm gonna leave the rest of the bracelet and then I'm going to come back to show you exactly how to attach the clasp it's very simple but I just wanted to kind of show you the finished product alright so I'm gonna do that off camera and I'll be back to finish off the clasp okay so I've woven five full units here and I have my tail coming out this side and my needle side coming out this side so this is where I ended so to attach the clasp you see that it's just gonna be the exact same sort of little loop but before I do that I just want to show you I brought out my ruler here just because I know you're gonna have some sizing eye questions so just to point out this is about six inches so with the clasp that I'm going to do today and we're gonna as you can see we're gonna add three little seed beads and our little clasp it gives you just about almost exactly a seven inch bracelet so this is the point where you'd want to either add length or sort of adjust so if you wanted seven inches you're good if you wanted just a little bit extra like a quarter of an inch add seed beads here so what we're gonna do is we're gonna add three seed beads in our little loop of the clasp you can add four or five just to give that little extra length if you want or if you want a little bit less you can probably go to two but you're still gonna want a little bit of a loop there alternatively I just kind of want to show you and I'll show you on this one I think it's easier to see the colors so from end to end of the Esso it's gonna be about an inch and a half but from link sort at the center of like a if you were gonna try to do an extra unit you're getting just about an inch and a quarter or so so that's how big the units are so you may not need a whole extra unit so what I recommend is just kind of adding in the clasp little portion that we're gonna do here right now okay so I have a little magnetic clasp and these are really fun they're really easy it actually makes it nice and easy to wear so I'm just gonna go ahead and separate that out and very simply I'm gonna pick up three of my eleven o seed beads I'm gonna go through the loop there and I'm gonna pick up three more eleven oohs very simply and then I'm just gonna go back through my little loop there and pull that tight and now to secure it I'm just gonna go around a couple of times this is where you can kind of go around for as many times as you want to feel secure with this because again if you're using a magnetic clasp you're gonna put a little bit of stress on the threads here and we are using that for pound so just a little note there alright so I'm just gonna go I want to say at least three times as good you can probably do more if you wanted to but this is a nice easy little quick finishing to the bracelet and then the magnetic clasp like I was saying is just a really nice little sleek option all right so I've come all the way around and I've done three times so I have my little loop there so now I'm just gonna go back through and kind of come around that thread make a little loop and tie a little knot and kind of hide it in there so let's see if I can weasel my thread up there and we'll go back down one more and I'm gonna do a little loop here right in the center so it's gonna take a little finagling there we go kind of create a little loop yeah I just wanna make sure it's gonna come together for me there we go alright nice little loop to sort of finish it off alright and now I'm gonna take my thread zips or my thread snips and you can also use a thread zap to do this just kind of get in there make sure he doesn't attach your clasp and you're all done so I'm gonna flip it over really quick and do the other side and I'm right-handed so I'll tend to flip my work over and now you can see my threads coming out the other side but it'll be the same loop nice clean end and this is a really fun technique and just look at the difference in the color that has happened here so just by choosing different colors and it would even look different if I had the purple where the green is so you kind of get that little sense that you can really make this your own very fun to work with the multi hole beads there's just so many options and you can just keep trying to create little units and then find ways to string them together that's really all this is I just found this cool little unit that I wanted to make that kind of looked like a little almost like had a little fleur-de-lis kind of asked to it and then just kept making the little units and then found a way to put them together so just really really fun I hope you guys do enjoy working with the multi hole beads they offer a lot of dimension and just by putting getting the chance to put together a lot of colors it can really offer some really beautiful designs alright so this is my second loop through and I'm just working speedily because I want you guys to see the official finished product here and again this is a really nice little scale it is slightly advanced just because if you do lose your place just keep going back through the thread but you'll kind of learn that as you as you do more bead weaving so this is just kind of a nice little sort of round and around kind of option for that all right we're gonna go back through and create a little loop tie off your thread I like to do at least two knots just just secure because again you are putting a lot of little stress on this thread as you're gonna wear it so you don't want your pieces to wear out so again and then just kind of coming back through and creating a little little loop that we're just gonna tie in one more time there we go take my needle get my little thread steps in there there we go and we are good to go so that is how you make the orleans bracelet it's really fun lots of littles le jia's we have our Arcos we have our s o beads and a really fun little piece to wear and it clasps nice and easy oops there we go nice and easy so really fun to wear and it's a nice little sort of scale just to show off your bead weaving alright I hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and see even more videos of course at you

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