How to Make the Lucca Earrings featuring the Arcos and Minos par Puca Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to weave the Lucca Earrings. This design features a duo of colors of the Arcos and Minos par Puca Czech Glass beads woven in a simple floral round.
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hi this is kat with and the Minos part puka which are going to be those beautiful purple and green beads in there so also we're going to be using some four millimeter czech fire polish beads and I have this lovely pearlized color here and I'm going to be using a symbol as well so the symbols are metal components and this one is a bead substitute so you can see that it looks very similar it is exact to the Archos but instead of czech glass this is actually going to be metal it's gonna just add a nice little element to help us finish it off with our lever clasp alright so I have two colors here and what we're gonna do is we're gonna create a little floral design with those and then just as a little bit of filler I have some 11o Miyuki seed beads here and now these are the round seed beads and I went with a crystal a bee so that they're gonna just barely show up there but they're gonna help stabilize our whole earring so this is all the ingredients you need aside from a size twelve beading needle and today I'm gonna be using the four pound smoke fireline now for my project here I did use the crystal but I want it to show up nicely on camera here today but if you're going to be using some darker color beads as we have many other colors of the Archos and munoz part polka at beadaholique you can choose to use the smoke fire line so that'll kind of disappear with whichever colors and design you choose so the only little tool is that I'm gonna be using a thread zap later to help me clip off my thread but if you've got about two feet of your thread onto your beading needle we're ready to go ahead and start picking up our beads alright so I'm gonna start by picking up one of the four millimeter beads and then I'm gonna go through one of the purple Arcos going through the Crescent side there so pick that up and now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pick up going the opposite direction oops excuse me I'm gonna pick up my minnows first in the green and then I'm going to go through the opposite direction and go ahead and kind of slide that down all right and then we're going to pick up another of the four millimeter and then I'm going to kind of repeat so I'm going to go through that side of the Archos through aminos and then through the opposite side of the Archos and now we're just going to repeat and again we're just alternating with our Argos and Minos now don't worry if they're sort of flipping around on you we will take care of that in just a moment I could put it those guys and now we're going through the back side they're sliding that down all right so this is what your section should look like so far so you can see that we've alternated the colors and we've alternated the Archos and we know so they kind of have almost a little butterfly effect happening there with the colors and then go ahead and slide that down until you have maybe six to eight inches or so on one side and then what we're gonna do is we're going to come in here and we're going to just do a little overhand knot just bringing those two threads together those two ends just like so and then I'm just going to tie another overhand knot just for a little bit of security and make sure it sits right down inside there all right so now go ahead and make your piece lay flat just like that and now we have our needle coming out of this side here it's in my right hand there we go I'm just gonna rotate that there we go so now what I want to do is I want to go through that first white bead there and then I'm gonna go through that first purple Arcos and now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna turn that around and I'm going back through that same Arcos but through that third hole on the interior there and I'm just creating a little thread bridge and just make sure it's sort of tucks and falls away so you don't see that anymore alright so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna pick up one of my seed beads and I'm gonna go through that next Arcos and this is just gonna bring that together for me and now instead of picking up a seed bead I'm just gonna go into the next Arcos because this is gonna bring those together and I'm just gonna rotate the piece a little bit so I went through this first one and then came to that second arcos and that's gonna kind of cinch up for me I'm gonna add another seed bead and go into that purple Arcos there and just gonna do this going all the way around go straight into that purple art goes across the way adding another seed bead going into that green one there we go and skipping it cross and this is just helping to stabilize that piece you can see I'm kind of I'm pulling fairly tightly because I want it to cinch up nicely but not too tight you don't want the beads to crunch there we go and coming around once more here going into that third hole of that purple Arcos and now we have our little unit all stabilized so now that those are coasts won't flip and flop over okay so we just added four seed beads and then skipped and cinched up the rest so now what we're gonna do is I want to get my thread coming out of this bead here so just go ahead and work it around and this is your chance to kind of just go through and just since cinch up those beads and I'm gonna go all the way through because if you look at my example here I have my clasp portion my earring hook coming out of the green one now if you wanted to you could absolutely flip it over and have the purple ones be at the top it's a sort of you know 360 designs you can do it that way as well but what I'm gonna do is either way you want to get it so that your thread is coming out one of those Arco excuse me one of those Minos beads so I'm gonna go through here I'm gonna go through once more I'm not gonna go all the way around because I just want to get to the second green one here all right here okay so now what I've done is I've come all the way around here and I'm coming out of this hole of this Arcos so what I'm going to do is I'm going to turn my thread around and I'm gonna go through that center hole and you'll probably have to do this in two steps just the way the holes are oriented so now what I want to do is I want to go through that Meno speed and this is where you want to be coming out to add your clasp so as long as you're coming out through one of those Minos beads there all right so now what we're going to do is we're going to pick up two seed beads and this is where you'll want to choose your front and your back because we're going to have our little art goes here so it has a little H on the front and it's flat on the back so what you're going to do is you're going to go up through one side just slide that down so we have two seed beads and going up through the third hole there and then what we're going to do is I'm going to pick up two more seed beads and I'm going to go through the loop of my lever earring hook I'm going to pick up two more seed beads go down through the other side here bringing that all together and then pick up two more seed beads and now I'm gonna go back through that Meno speed that's right there at the top yeah we're gonna pull that nice and tight now to secure this we're gonna go and we're gonna do that maybe three times you'll have plenty of space because we're using a light pound of our fire line using the four pound again in case you've forgotten but there we are so going all the way through just making sure it cinches up really nicely you want to make sure we don't have it wobbly at the top there alright and I'm just gonna go through once more you can go through as many times as it will allow like I said every time I pull you can see it's oops you can see it sort of cinch up there and that's what we want we want that to be nice and stable and as I said before you have many colors of the Archos part polka and the Minos part polka available at everything I'm using here you can get there as well so we'll have the full tutorial so you can go ahead and look at all the ingredients yeah alright so now that we're done with that I'm gonna go back through and I'm gonna go through that me know speed once more it's getting tight in there which is what I want I want a lot of thread in there to keep it nice and stable so now I'm just gonna go back through that Arcos right there and through my fire polished bead and now I'm coming around the back and just catching a thread bridge and creating a little loop and I'm just gonna tie that off just like so and then you can go through a bead or two just for a little added security if you want you can tie another little knot let's say you get to the outer edge here and you want to do that same thing tie one more a little not just for security and go through another bead you can do this for as much as you like I'm gonna go ahead and zap mine off right there so let's go ahead and take and the thread zap works very simply you just sort of press it down and that little tip there is heating up so please keep your fingers away and then you'll just come in and just zap off that thread so you don't need a lot of thread you can see that I actually even have almost about a foot left over and then just finally we're gonna come to this side here and let me just thread this part there we go and just gonna do the same thing here just wind that around and actually I'm gonna go up through this way because we did not secure going this way and again I'm just coming around the back making that little loop and bringing my knot and hiding it right in there there we go and I'll just repeat that once more through that last little bead there and out to the side remove my needle come in with my thread zap just let that heat up and then after my thread and that is our easy quick and easy earring so it's a really nice little bead woven design that's very simple and you can have a lot of fun with the colors and just really enjoy working with the three whole beads and the two whole beads and those symbols there as well all right you can get all of these supplies by heading over to and see even more tutorial projects and videos

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