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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to make the honeycomb silver spring adjustable bracelet now a lot of the work is actually already done for you because we have this pre-finished adjustable bracelet form for you so you can see that it already has the chain in there and we have that little slider clasp that is going to be the adjustable part of this bracelet here so we are going to be finishing this using some beautiful elements from tierracast so we have two little charms here and i'm going for a big charm and a little charm just for some nice fun there so i have my little bees and then i also have this honeycomb connector so that's going to be really beautiful in the center of our bracelet so you can just see that it's really well made it's nice and sturdy so it's going to create the perfect little focal for us and the other thing that i'm going to be doing is because i'm going to put this as the focal here i want you to see how small this is really going to be so we need to add something on either side to really fill it out so that it's easy for you to size so what we're going to do is we're going to be using some of these metal bicone beads and some eye pins to expand that size you're going to need some chain nose pliers some round nose pliers and some flush cutters okay so let's go ahead and begin by adding our little charms here to the end so we're going to come to the ends here and you can go ahead and adjust this bracelet wherever you like it to be but go ahead and you'll see that there are two little open jump rings here down at the bottom so you can come in with your chain nose pliers sorry just rotating it there we go and then you can just use your round nose pliers if you like or another pair of chain nose pliers bend that open just by giving it a little gentle twist and we're going to slip on one of our charms and we're going to close that up now let's say you wanted to use some different charms and you need some different jump rings what i always recommend is a really good jump ring size that will work nicely with this is five millimeter 20 gauge so if you have some other pieces that you want to use in this type of style be sure to look at those jump rings they're kind of the most universal so again that's five millimeter 20 gauge jump rings okay so let's go ahead and close this guy up here okay so we have the bottom part with our cute little bees hanging out down there at the bottom so now we need to focus on our focal so let's go ahead and kind of set that down and again like i said you'll see that you need to expand this space on the sides now we do have those little jump rings there but what we're going to do is we are going to be using our eye pins there to help create a little piece so go ahead and take an eye pin and this is where you can kind of judge with the sizing so i'm going to add let's see let's see what happens when we add four so go ahead and add one two three and four and i'm going to go ahead and kind of set that to the side there just like so all right and then i'm gonna be taking four more they're a little hard to pick up that way so i'm just gonna do it like this all right and these are nice metal beads but you can absolutely uh you know explore the possibilities of gemstones or seed beads or czech glass beads really feel free to make this your own okay so that's because i've already pre-sized this for myself so i know that four is what i want to do so you but again you can just see how much bigger that makes that space now don't forget if you purchase from you'll get a lot of eye pins here so feel free like you can finish it off and then if you have to take it apart you can do so because the good thing about that is that you're not ruining anything that's happening here on the bracelet you're really just focusing your energy on uh this eye pin here and you won't be ruining any beads if you have to redo it again it just happens it's a it's you know the nature of jewelry making so um all right but let's let's make this a nice round five so i just i always like to work in odd numbers if i can i think it gives a center to everything so let's go ahead and we're going to add one more onto each of them alright so here we are let's go ahead and come in with our round nose pliers here and we are just going to bend back the top and we're just going to make a simple wire loop by bringing that wire up and over the top there and bring it all the way around and create a nice loop and now just come in with your flush cutters and snip off that extra wire now we can go ahead and set that down all right let's just repeat that really quick on this side so again coming in with our round nose pliers go ahead and bend that backwards i like to move my pliers in to make sure that i'm getting a nice rounded loop bring it across there we go and cut that perfect okay so now we have our two extra pieces now you do also have the opportunity if you wanted to make an extra section there you can absolutely do so so you can create another eye pin with more loops and however you want to do it so let's assemble this by coming in here and we're going to open this loop and we're going to slip on our little honeycomb piece there and go ahead and close that loop and this is the same as you would any type of jump ring there okay so that's one side so let's go ahead and let's do it on the other side here go ahead and open that loop up slide that on and close that up there we go so you can see that we have our nice little focal and that'll sit right across the wrist just like so so you have that nice little piece there now finally we can adjust or we can assemble this by using the little jump rings that are on this end here so let's go ahead and come in and we're going to open this jump ring up there we go and twist to close that and come to this side here and we're just going to repeat that sorry those seams are really nice they like to fall in between there which is good but you gotta gotta dig them out sometimes all right there we go and just close that up so now we have our finished bracelet and you can just see how much bigger it has become on the inside there because don't forget this is gonna fit over your wrist because the clasp is adjustable here at the back so you can see that come together so it'll wear nicely on the wrist just like so and we have our cute little b charms there at the end so that is it that is how easy it is to make the honeycomb silver spring adjustable bracelet you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorials by heading over to you

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